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Fight Disney World Crowds or Disney’s Free Dining Offer


by Todd
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)


Hey Carl – Great site! We went to Walt Disney World last year for the first time and fell in love with the park – we started planning our next trip on the plane ride heading home. In 2008 we went for 4 days Nov 14-17 and had great weather (little rain – no wash outs) and what we thought to be low crowds. He had Disney’s Free Dining plan through our Disney Credit Card.


Walt Disney World offered the Free Dining plan again so we have dates booked for Sept 24-30, 2009 but we can changes these dates to Oct 1-7 and still get the free meals.


We’re a small group and not big eaters so now we’re thinking that we should possible forgo the free meals and re-book our trip for after the Free Dining Plan deal ends.


So to the question: Do you think the crowds will be manageable for our booked trip?


Is the last week of Sept or the first week of Oct different as it relates to crowds? Do you think the meal deal is worth larger crowds?


Thanks for the site and for keeping our airways safe!!!

Dad’s Answer


Hi Todd,


Thanks for the question, and thank you for the kind words.


If it were me, I’d go during Disney’s Free Dining. Even being light eaters you’ll save tons of money by using the Disney Free Dining Plan.


The Disney World Crowds from August 15 until the week of Thanksgiving are traditionally fairly low. Disney’s Free Dining Offer will bring in some extra guests, but crowds will still be very manageable.

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I actually think that Disney will extend the Free Dining Offer, or come up with some other offer for the rest of the year.


Thanks again Todd for the question, I hope this helps.

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Comments for Fight Disney World Crowds or Disney’s Free Dining Offer

Jun 28, 2009 Follow-up
by: Todd Thanks for the fast response Carl. We agree and we will be keeping our Sept 24-30 dates for our trip with the free meals.

We have rooms booked at Pop Century; do you think paying $115.00 for the week it worth it to upgrade to the preferred buildings? With being at WDW for 7 days – 6 nights we will be doing some swimming and mid-day breaks on a few days.

Thanks again.

Dad’s Answer Your Welcome. The only advantage the preferred buildings give you at the Value Resorts is you will be closer to the main building. It will save you some walking, but not much more.

We did the preferred on our last stay. I’m not sure we’d do it again.

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