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Fireworks Outside the Park – Where to Watch

from Amanda


We are not going to a park on our arrival day. Instead, we are going to visit the different properties and explore. We have a 3:30 dinner reservation for Ohana. Where should we go in the evening to watch fireworks outside of the park?

Dad Answers

Happily Ever After from the Polynesian Beach a great place to watch fireworks outside the park

The Polynesian Beach is a great place to watch Happily Ever After – photo by Courtney Reynolds

Hi Amanda,


I love watching fireworks. It’s one of my favorite ways to end the day at Walt Disney World. The new Happily Ever After show at the Magic Kingdom is my favorite. I could watch it every night (and did on one of our trips).

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Where to Watch Fireworks Outside the Park

There are several good places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park. My favorite is the beach at the Polynesian Village Resort. I like grabbing a Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai and sitting in a beach chair and watching the show.

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Another good place to watch the fireworks outside of the park is the Transportation and Ticket Center. You can usually find a great view of the Magic Kingdom from there and they even pipe in the music so you can hear what’s happening (they do that at all the hotel beaches too).


If you can spend a little money, the Fireworks Cruises are awesome. They go out and park on the lagoon and you have a private showing. Some of them even offer nice dinners or desserts.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Amanda, there are places at any of the Monorail stops that will work for watching the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom, but I like the Poly beach and TTC best. They have the best angle to see the show. It’s like you are standing on Main Street. The fireworks break right over the castle. The cruises are pretty awesome, but you have to pay and they are pretty pricey.


Hope that helps.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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