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First week of December Disney World Crowds


I am taking my family to Disney World next Saturday (Dec. 4th), and I was wondering what crowds are supposed to be like for that week. Do you have any idea what the first week of December Disney World Crowds will be like? We are staying until Sunday (the 12th). I sort-of had to choose this week, because my job is not very flexible.

Is there any advice you’ve got about avoiding crowds during this time?

Thank you!

Dad’s not the best, not the worst Answer

The first full week of December used to be the absolute best week to visit Walt Disney World. Several years ago that changed. Now the first week of December Disney World Crowds are in the moderate range and not the light range they used to be. Click on the link below to see …

Dad’s December Disney World crowd calendar

The crowds this week are a little funky because of the Pop Warner Football Championships. During the day, the crowds in the parks will be light to moderate, but in the evenings the crowds will be moderate and on the roller coaster type rides they will be heavy.

So, my advice for avoiding the crowds would be to get to the parks first thing when they open and riding the “big” rides as soon as possible. That way as the day progresses and the crowds grow, you can spend your time enjoying shorter lines and shows.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The first week in December is not the best week to go to Disney World, but it’s not all that bad. You’ll have a great time.

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