Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage is a thrill ride at Walt Disney World, and boy, is it thriving! One of the most incredible scenes in the movie AVATAR is when Jake Sully takes a ride on a Mountain Banshee. Oh, boy, now we can all join Jake!

Pandora – the World of Avatar

Located in the Valley of Mo’ara on a distant planet 4.4 light years from Earth, Flight of Passage takes you on an immersive journey unlike any you have ever experienced. The Na’vi must bond with a Mountain Banshee to be accepted as a hunter. Through Disney magic, you too will be able to bond with your own magnificent creature.

The newest land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is filled with floating mountains in a bioluminescent rainforest atmosphere. In a world far away from our own, experience and interact with an exotic environment.

Flight of Passage – Queue and Preshow

The queue winds and twists through the beautiful landscape of the Valley of Mo’ara. You’ll have a great view of waterfalls and the floating mountains. Soon, you are inside a cavern where you will want to pay attention to all the details and theming, including the cave writing and rock texture. Be sure to look up and see the cave drawing of the Mountain Banshee on the ceiling!

Bioluminescent pathways light the way as you trek into underground tunnels created for the Mountain Banshee Project. The sights and sounds really immerse you in this alternate world. When you arrive at the underground laboratory, it’s extremely detailed. Take time to read some of the warning signs and information about the threats to the Banshee ecosystem. (Imagineers really know how to immerse you!)

The highlight of the Flight of Passage queue is the Na’vi Avatar floating in the laboratory capsule. The subtle movements make it so life-life. This area is probably the most detailed queue on Disney property. From the laboratory, it’s almost time to take flight. You are ushered into the Genetic Matching Room where you watch a video of Dr. Stevens as he introduces you to the Avatar Program. Without giving away the entire preshow, he helps you get matched to an Avatar.


In the next room, you are handed flight goggles (aka 3-D glasses), and you watch another short video featuring Dr. Ogden, where she talks about the importance of connecting with and flying on an Ikran (Banshee). You will also receive flight instructions, including instructions on how to store your valuables during the flight.


Take flight on a journey like no other aboard the back of a Mountain Banshee! Once you are linked with your Avatar, you will take flight to experience the beautiful views of Pandora! This is a flight simulator, like Soarin’ in EPCOT, that allows you to feel the movements of flight through the ride vehicle as well as the motions on the screen. You also have 3-D glasses to add realism and smells and sound to complete the package.

The ride vehicle looks like a bike or motorcycle and features restraints on your legs and back. It will allow you to dive, soar, and race through Pandora in a way that only Disney magic can. As the Na’vi say, Sivako: rise to the challenge!

Post Show

You exit the Flight of Passage through cement corridors into a small cave and back out to the beauty of the Valley of Mo’ara before passing through Windtraders (where you can pick up some Avatar-themed souvenirs.)

Fun Facts

  • The wingspan of the Mountain Banshee is approximately 45 feet.
  • Flight of Passage can hold 48 guests at a time can take flight on Mountain Banshees
  • The Flight of Passage projection screen is 69 feet wide and over 97 feet tall.
  • The actual flight time is about 4 minutes.


The Mountain Banshee Project was formed to study the habitat destruction caused by RDA (Resource Development Administration) operations in the Valley of Mo’ara. The RDA performed toxic experiments that were harmful to Pandora’s natural environment.

Opened: May 27, 2017

Dad’s Ride Information Table

Flights of Passage

Description: 3-D ride through Pandora
Height Requirement – 44 in. Fastpass:yes Length of Ride: 6 minutes
Type of ride: Flight Simulator

Dad’s Ratings

2 4 3 2
Other Information: Can be uncomfortable for people who suffer from motion sickness.


The Fine Print:

Guests in a wheelchair or ECV must transfer to a standard wheelchair and then to the ride vehicle. A sign in front of the queue indicates that you must be able to transfer within 30 seconds. Video captioning is available.

The ride vehicle seating and restraints used may limit guests of some shapes and sizes from being able to enjoy this ride. Be sure to try out the test seat before you enter the queue. You should be in good health without high blood pressure and heart, back or neck problems. If you experience motion sickness, take extra precaution or avoid this ride.

This warning is taken directly from the attraction sign: This flight is a highly immersive 3-D experience. Those who have a fear of heights should not fly. Children under 7 must be accompanied by someone age 14 or older.