Fort Wilderness Campground specials

Fort Wilderness Campground specials

by Angie
(Granite Falls, NC)

Hi Dad! I have a question about campground specials. We LOVE Fort Wilderness and are hoping to go the first week in June. What I was wondering is if discounts are ever offered for the campground. Is free dining ever offered? Thanks for your help!

The dock at Fort Wilderness Campground

The dock at Ft. Wilderness Campground at dusk

Photo by Christian Lambert

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One of the best things about Walt Disney World is that the resort really offers something for everyone. The campground at Fort Wilderness is a great place to stay if your family wants to combine the fresh air and rugged adventure of camping with the thrill of a Disney theme park vacation. Even though Fort Wilderness is one of the most affordable accommodation options on property, they do offer discounts from time to time.

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Fort Wilderness is a really great deal when you think about it. In addition to the two-vacations-in-one you’ll get by staying there, the campgrounds start at just $48 per night. You’d think with such reasonable rates that discounts might not apply to the campgrounds, and you’d be right in some cases. But if you look hard enough, you’re bound to find discounts on the campground throughout the year.

Like all Walt Disney World resorts, room discounts are only available for limited times, and they are typically offered for hotels (or in this case, campgrounds) that have a low booking rate. You’ll see occasional discounts for a percentage off your campsite, especially in off-season. AAA members and Annual Passholder are also offered special prices throughout the year.

Now free dining is another story. Whether or not you believe Dad that free dining is dead, it doesn’t matter when you’re staying at the campground at Fort Wilderness. The free dining promotion is never offered for campsite guests.

The folks at Destinations to Travel can monitor your travel dates and let you know if any special deals are being offered at Fort Wilderness during your trip, and help you make sure you get the best price possible on your perfect vacation in the great outdoors.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Angie, I can’t promise you there will be a discount offered next June for Fort Wilderness, but I’d never say never. Like any good outdoorswoman, just keep a keen lookout for those deals, and have a great time at the most magical campground on earth!

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