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Free Dining at Disney World is dead

Hello…I was just wondering if you have heard of Walt Disney World offering the Free Dining again this year as we are going Aug. 20 to Aug. 28 and really would like to see free dining come into play as it is a wonderful savings for my family…


I know they offered it however you had to book your vacation by Dec. 20 2010….now we were kinda hoping that the last announcement posted on Tuesday would have been for free dining……but no luck….please give me updates if you have them…

Dad’s Dad declares free dining dead Answer


I hope I’m wrong.


It’s official. .


Where’d you hear that Dad? Nowhere. I made it up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


It’s my considerable (oops) considered opinion that you have seen the last of Free Dining at Walt Disney World from Disney at least until the general public comes to it’s senses and quits buying the Disney Dining Plan

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page


I think most people are going to be disappointed when the fall/winter discounts are revealed.


Why do I think free dining is dead? Because none of the discounts in 2011 have included free dining. Yes, some people got free dining when they called, but all of the advertised discounts and programs were for discounted rooms or free tickets for children under 10.


Last year, Bob Iger (head honcho at Disney) declared Disney would move away from dramatic discounts. I think that day is finally here.


Dad’s Bottom Line


I’ve been saying this all year, and I think Disney’s April Fools Joke will be the harbinger of things to come. I think you can expect the fall/winter discounts to be very much like the current 25-30% off Deluxe Resorts and not much more.


Comments for

Apr 30, 2011 Dad its looking like free dining lives! lol
by: Anonymous Free dining for those using Disney visa and its suppose to be released to the general public on or about may 1!

Dad’s Answer

Your right. , long live free dining.

Yes, I proclaimed it dead, but it’s back.

Anyone want to sign up?

Apr 28, 2011 Then again, Dad could be wrong.
by: Dad It appears that Disney has bowed to Dad’s pressure and for a very limited time reinstated Free Dining at Disney World.I would apologize for being wrong, but I’m not real sorry for this one.

Apr 09, 2011 Pin?
by: Anonymous Hi there,How do you get a pin? We are heading to Disney in November and I have been looking for deals! :)Thanks!

Dad Answers

If you are registered at Disney’s home page, you might or might get a PIN. I’ve been registered for years, but got my first pin this year. From what I see, Disney is getting very aggressive with PINs.

There is no way to go out and get one, you just have to be lucky. There are some reports of Travel Agents and people calling Disney asking for a PIN and getting free dining, but those are people that aren’t getting other deals.

Apr 06, 2011 Maybe free dining isn’t completely dead…
by: Anonymous Just Recieved pin only email offering free dining going into sept 2011 just FYI

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