Free Dining for August 2015

Free Dining for August 2015

What would be your estimated guess as to when the free dining for Fall 2015 will start?

Yak and Yeti Restaurant at night

You could get some Yak and Yeti with Free Dining - Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Dad's haven't you heard, Free Dining is Dead Answer

Free Dining for 2015. What a topic. As they say in my second favorite Kelsey Grammer movie, "Let's Kick This Pig."

For the last 4 years Dad has declared Free Dining Dead. Yep. Dad's been wrong. I had very good reasons, and my logic was (as Mr. Spock would say) impeccable, but Disney keeps bringing Free Dining back.

At some point Free Dining is not going to come back as a promotion. I do think Disney brass has been trying to kill it for years, but it's the promotion that just won't die.

So what about 2015, Dad? What do you say about Free Dining in 2015?

Yes, Dad is declaring Free Dining dead again in 2015. This time though, I have a real good reason. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is, click on the link and read it for yourself. We'll wait.

Huh? What'd you think? Come on Disney, prove Dad wrong.

If Free Dining does happen this year, it will start in very late August or early September. Last year it started the last day of August and before that it was in September. I wouldn't expect it any earlier than the last few days of August this year.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Is Free Dining finally Dead? Will Dad finally be right? Will Disney ever listen to Dad? Stay tuned.

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Feb 10, 2015
Dining is NOT Dead for 2015
by: Anonymous

I was in a conversation about some other booking questions with a Disney Agent when finishing up, she asked if I had any other questions. Here is the transcript. .... Let me know your thoughts....

Are there any other questions I can answer for you?
Adam: Not unless you can tell me If Disney will for sure do free dining this year?
Pauline Mattox: Disney does not say ahead of time as to the exact dates but free dining will be offered this year.
Adam: Thats all i wanted to know. Youre awesome!! Thank you!!!
Pauline Mattox: You are very welcome Adam and thanks for visiting today! Our Chat team strives to provide excellent levels of customer service while sending sprinkles of fairy dust your way! Remember, Disney memories are magical things that dance in our dreams and live ever after in our hearts! We hope to see you real soon! Thanks for contacting Disney and have a magical evening!

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