Free Dining Plan this fall

Free Dining Plan this fall

by Allison


I emailed you a couple of times before, first about double strollers, and then a follow up after we returned home. I've told SO many of my preschool mom friends about the beauty of Disney in November (crowds, weather, discounts, Christmas....), in fact I've been so obnoxious about its wonderfulness that a few moms are actually starting to plan trips for their families!

Only thing is, that awesome Free Dining is no longer offered. Do you suspect Disney will offer the Free Dining Plan this fall? We stay-at-home-moms really like stretching a dollar, you know.

Also, I tell them to make SURE to check out your crowds page, and how great Dad thinks the Pop Century is!

Oh, and by the way, for some reason, lately my 4-year-old son has been calling me "Mrs. Mommy" which makes me wonder if he's been reading your site....

Dad's I sure hope so Answer


Or should I say Mrs. Mommy? Thanks for spreading the word about Dad's wonderful little site. I need about a billion Pied Pipers telling the joys of Dad.

Now about the Free Dining Plan this fall. Last January (2010) Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney made a statement saying that in 2010 Disney was going to start phasing out the discounts they had been offering over the last few years. I see that happening now. Last year at this time there were all kinds of specials available for most of the summer, all of the fall, all the way to the week of Christmas.

Disney only has one discount currently available and it only lasts into the late spring. It's called Kids Stay and Play Free and it only applies to children ages 3-9. Everyone else pays full price.

Do I think that Disney will offer the Dining Plan free this fall? I'm beginning to doubt it. I'm starting to think that Disney is getting a little chintzy (especially since they reported much better than expected earnings this morning). I hope I get a big surprise, especially I'm hoping to experience a few days in November at Disney World myself.

Dad's Bottom Line

Allison, whether Disney offers discounts or not, millions of people will still go. We'll just have to suck it up, bring some peanut butter and jelly and make some sandwiches and not eat in any of Disney's over priced restaurants.

There's one more thing you can do for Dad. Tell your friends that Dad's a great Disney World Travel Agent and they should let Dad book their trips for them.

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