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Free Dining Waitlist


The rumors have started. Will Free Dining come back this year? Why not join our Free Dining Waitlist and find out!


Free Dining Waitlist ad


It happens every year. The rumors, the fretting, the frenzy of Free Dining at Disney World.


I've got an idea, turn all that worry over to Dad and let him take care of it for you.

Join the List

It's really easy to join the list, just fill out the form and in a few minutes one of my friends from Destinations to Travel will contact you and help you get things started.


Before you know it, you'll be at Walt Disney World.


Just fill out this quick form -


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Let's have some FUN!

Dad is all about having FUN. So let's have some FUN together as we wait for Free Dining.


When you join the list Dad will send regular updates, we'll have some giveaways, we might even have a virtual party or two, lol.


But we will keep track of the lastest information, rumors and innuendos about Free Dining this year.


It's going to be FUN.

Dad's Bottom Line

Waiting for Free Dining is like waiting for Christmas. But that's OK. With Dad's Free Dining Waitlist it's going to be fun. Trust me!