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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Oh boy, now THIS is something Dad can get really excited about! An all-Star-Wars-themed land is coming to Disney's Hollywoods Studios and I can't wait (along with about ten million other people chomping at the bit to step into a galaxy far, far away.). Better dust off the ol' lightsaber and get the landspeeder ready...


May the Force be with you as you battle the crowds in Disney's hottest expansion to date.


The sign made out of blocks, scabble and yo yo for Toy Story Mania

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is set to open in late fall 2019 - Photo courtesy of Disney

What We Know So Far


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open in late fall 2019, a few months after it's sister land opens in Disneyland.


The setting for the land is Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. You can get your first glimpse of this newly revealed location on Star Wars: The Adventures Continue.


2 attractions will anchor the new land: a Millennium Falcon simulator and a Star Destroy themed ride that puts guests in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.


There WILL be a cantina, and it WILL serve blue milk.


Rex, the old Star Tours pilot, will make an appearance.


There will be a marketplace bustling with activity and character interaction.


A Star Wars hotel unlike any other Disney resort is being built and will connect seamlessly to the land.


The lines are going to be the craziest of anything we've ever seen at WDW - ever.


The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

We'll have more news for you as we get it!