Gay Days 2011

Gay Days 2011

by Jennifer
(Springfield, IL)

Hello There,

We are one of those innocent families you speak of that have scheduled a trip for 5/27/11-6/2/11. Disney enticed us with the Free Dining Plan. I know the primary "Gay Days" will be after we have left. We were only planning to go to the Magic Kingdom for the morning anyway that Thursday 6/2. I have found very little information that really gives you an indication of what actually to expect that week in Orlando.

We are staying on property at Port Orleans F.Q.-I'm either finding sites that promote Gay Days or sites that swing the other way. And most Disney Travel Planning sites don't discuss it one way or another.

I support gays and their families, my best friend is a gay man, whom I love dearly. But I go to Disney for WHOLESOME family time, I'd go to Key West for that kind of celebration. I just truthfully don't know, is it just gay families with children, gay couples, single gays looking for friends? I've read a lot about alcohol and drugs being prevalent, as well as a lot of very graphic PDA, and shirts with slang terms that are not family friendly. Please shed some light on this, at Disney is it just that Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun-because some websites say Gay Days begins 5/31?

So confused....please help! THANKS!!!

Dad's it starts at Disney Thursday Answer


You are one of the lucky unwitting families. Gay Days do start in Orlando on the 31st, but they don't move over to Disney until Thursday. If you are leaving on Thursday, you won't see much of the festivities.

This year, the hotel that is home for the festivities is over by Universal and not near Disney so the really family unfriendly stuff tends to be centered around the "home" hotel. Yes, there will be some things that you would like to shield your kids from in the parks, but it will mostly be confined to the "event" park of the day.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Jennifer, it's truly a shame we have to talk about this. This event has become something other than what was originally intended because of the unbecoming acts of some individuals. It could be a benign happening, but it has become something to be avoided and that's a shame.

If you just make sure to avoid Animal Kingdom on Thursday, June 2 and you should be fine.

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