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Gay days 2018

by Rhee Crabtree
(Saraland Al)

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Hello Dad. Your blogs have been very helpful for me to plan our 2018 Disney vacation. Of course this is the first time I️ heard of this event. I️ checked Disney event calendar while planning and saw nothing of the sorts.

Not only would I️ like to avoid many many questions from my 7 year old nephew , despite the type of event it is- people would like to know ahead of time and avoid over populated events and park days if possible Just in general.

I have not booked our vacation yet. But i do have my credit card in hand lol. Due to many scheduling conflicts with my family and adult daughters (jobs and college) our only dates available for family vaca are June 1 through June 6, 2018 .

I have thought long and hard about changing our vacation destination this year but everyone is so excited for Disney my husband has never been along with my nephew. So what I gathered from your advice and other pages is that we avoid their scheduled parks for each day then we shouldn’t run into the crowds.

We will be staying at Disney’s Art of Animation hotel and I do believe they listed they were staying at Doubletree of Sea World. We do not plan on venturing out into the city of Orlando during our vacation we plan on staying on Disney property’s. I know you said it 100 times but I would like for you to say it again… do you think we will have any issues?

For the 101st time

Hi Rhee. This question comes up every year, like you say, I’ve said it 100 times but let me say it for the 101st time.

Gay Days is not an event that Disney publicizes mainly because it’s not a Disney sponsored event. Just like when WDW Magazine holds it’s Christmas Party at WDW Disney doesn’t put it on their calendars (they should).

You might say, what about Night of Joy? It’s on the calendar. That is a Disney sponsored event. So on the calendar it goes.

Avoiding Gay Days

The first weekend in June is always Gay Days. The events follow the same pattern every year. Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Hollywood Studios on Friday, MK on Saturday and EPCOT on Sunday. Those parks will be the busiest.

Dad’s Gay Days page

As long as you avoid those parks and the DoubleTree host hotel things won’t be any worse than a typical June day.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

like you say, for the 101st time, avoid the park of the day and the host hotel and Gay Days shouldn’t bother you.


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Apr 04, 2018 Thanks!!
by: Rhee

I️ needed the reassurance! Our vacation is booked! Thanks for responding!!

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