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Gay days at Disney World DoubleTree Hotel

We have already booked a trip to Disney World for June 5-10. We are staying at the DoubleTree hotel at entrance to Universal Studio on Saturday June 4th. Going to Universal Studios on Sunday and then staying at the Coronado Springs Sunday night through Thursday. Leaving on Friday June 10.

Will we miss the gay days at Disney? I just found out about gay days today and was sent your web site. We have children 5 and 9. Should we be concerned about our dates.

Dad’s yes, you should be concerned Answer

All families shoud be concerned about Gay Days at Disney World especially if you are staying at or near the hotel base. The base for Gay Day at Disney World in 2011 is the DoubleTree hotel on International Drive. That’s the one by Sea World, not the one by Universal.

So, your trip should be fine. You will miss the festivities at Disney they will be complete and all gone after Sunday.

Dad’s Disney World Gay Days page

Missing the festivities at the parks can be done, but if you are at the base hotel, I can assure you there will be things there you don’t want your children to see.

Dad’s Bottom Line

You’ve done a good job of missing the Gay Days activities. You may done it by accident, but you should be fine.

Comments for Gay days at Disney World DoubleTree Hotel

Apr 25, 2011

An opinion

by: Anonymous

It’s not really a big deal. Granted yo might not want your children to see it, but not all gays behave in an overly exaggerated way. Just remember you don’t want to teach your children to be bigots either.

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