Gay Days at Disney World

Gay Days at Disney World

by Sally

My family and I will be in Disney May 29 - June 5 and we just now realized that it will be Gay Days at Disney World the whole week we are there. Should we reschedule our trip or should we just go and avoid the parks they are going to be at?

Dad's it's up to you Answer


Thanks for the question about Gay Days at Disney World. Do I think you should cancel your trip? I'm quite sure my lawyer friend would advise me to not make any definitive statements about your situation, but he's just like that.

Here's what I can tell you. It's truly up to you.
  • Number 1 - will it cost you a bunch of money to cancel? If yes, then you'll just have to go on and do the best you can.
  • Number 2 - Is it feasible with work schedules to reschedule? if not see number 1.
  • Number 3 - if you answer #1 no and #2 yes then you have to decide how important the issue is to you personally.
Even if you avoid the active park you will probably be exposed to some of the guests that are there for Gay Days. Is that important enough to rearrange all of your plans?

See Dad's answer to another concerned mother.

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Sally, I really can't make a decision for you, but I hope I've given you some help in making that decision. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great trip, and thanks for tuning in to Dad's Guide.

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Jun 11, 2010
Gay Days at Disney World - Report
by: Anonymous

We also went to Sea World during Gay Days at Disney World and didn't realize it until we made a u-turn at a hotel that had a sign that said "Gay Day parking". We were also concerned about exposure for the exact same reasons as the person who commented before.

It is true that some do go out of the way to cause a scene to make it known they are gay. Who cares? Why make a scene, my husband and I don't make it a point to make sure people know we are not gay.

What some of them do is completely uncalled for. As a matter of fact when we were checking in to our hotel, there was a gay man who absolutely made a scene at the desk because his keys didn't work to the room. He was rude, disruptive and wanted attention even if it meant being rude to customers who were being served, he intruded thinking he was more important than any of the other people who also stood in line to check in and he did this two times!

Its an outrage to me that some think they should be able to behave any way they want to but just let someone say something and they scream discrimination! When I take a trip with my family, I don't want to deal with immoral behavior whether from a gay person or non-gay person. It is really sad what this world is coming to.

Oh, and if you want to take your kids to the largest McDonald's in the world, I would skip it, we went there and it was like going into a pick up bar where your kids are allowed to go. I was very disappointed and will never go back there again!

May 21, 2010
Gay Days
by: Anonymous

YES! Avoid going during Gay Days as we went one year and took our children thinking we would go to another park when they went to their schedule park of the day.

Well not all of the gays follow the schedule. SOME gay people think it is funny to act very promiscuous as a "in your face" attitude. If it is important for you to not expose your young children to this - then I would call Disney and change your trip. I think if you tell them your strong concerns they will change it at no cost. But also remember I have been told "Gay Days" are NOT a Disney run event. Good Luck!

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