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GAY DAYS at Walt Disney World

My Family and I have a vacation booked for the first weekend in June. We always go during spring break, this year we had to change dates. Anyhow shocked I have never heard of Gay Days at Walt Disney World before. Thank you for more info about this event. We were at Six Flags once when they had a event and it was close to being X rated, gross.

One thing I would like to point out the gay site shows the Doubletree on International Drive is the host Hotel, not the one in Downtown Disney.

Dad’s it’s that time of year again Answer

Yep, it happens every year. At least you found out about it before you got in to the parks. Gay Days at Walt Disney World sneaks up on thousands of unsuspecting guests every year. It’s really a shame.

When it first started, Gay Days wasn’t so offensive. Now it’s not anywhere you want a family to be. It has become so bad that some committed gay activists even refuse to go.

Thanks for the heads up on the hotel. Last year (2010) it was at the DoubleTree at Downtown Disney. I didn’t know it had changed. (I don’t spend too much time on those websites, but I have looked at the schedule for the week.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

You can avoid the targeted park for Gay Days at Walt Disney World and have a great trip. You can see the schedule on my Gay Days page.

Comments for GAY DAYS at Walt Disney World

Mar 11, 2011


by: Anonymous

It is a good idea to avoid the hotels they take over that week in Orlando, well with all the flambouyant behavior and drug use, they certianly keep the local law dept busy. This event is NOT sanctioned by or affiliated with the Disney Company in any way. It has been happening in the Orlando area since 1991.

read this article.

Mar 09, 2011

So what?

by: Anonymous

Gay days.. Big deal. I’ve never been during this time but at least Disney is embracing diversity instead of shunning it. As a parent I’m much more offended at the bathing suits, or lack of, that Disney allows the hoards of brazillian females to wear in the water parks.

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