Gay Days information

Gay Days information

by Tracy
(Sydney Australia)

Hi. Have booked to take my son to Walt Disney World for his 6th Birthday, from Australia 31st May - 10th June. Just saw your site and Gay Days information. Wow. I had no idea. No wonder I am having a hard time making dinner reservations!
If we avoid the parks listed for the certain days, how likely is it that we will run into big groups in the other parks?

Dad's it won't be too bad Answer


Every year thousands of people, just like you, are surprised by Gay Days at Disney World. It's a real shame. (This is why you should use a really good Disney centered travel agent like Dad.) The automated travel sites and Disney won't even mention it.

Dad's Gay Days information page

Enough of my rantings, about your question, you shouldn't run into big crowds if you avoid the park where the festivities are happening.

Another frequent question is will we be uncomfortable even if we avoid the selected park. Maybe. There is usually some overflow into the other parks, and especially Epcot's restaurants.

Dad's Bottom Line

The good thing is that you have a whole week to enjoy the parks after Gay Days ends. If you are thinking about sneaking over to that other theme park or to Sea World, I'd do that Thursday through Sunday. To quote a great old song - Come Monday it will be all right.

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Dec 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

You should all be ashamed of yourself for being worried about "gays" being exposed to your children. That is what is wrong in society today, people need to educate their children on all kinds of people. What happen if there a lot of foreign people at the park that happen to speak another language... I would run to the hills and protect your child against ANYTHING different!! (Place sarcastic remark here.) As a parent myself, I educate my children on all kinds of cultures and people including sexual preference. You need to educate your children on all facets of life, don't shield them for what is different. Exactly how do GAY PEOPLE act? I've certainly seen my share of all types of people making a scene that I had to explain to my children what was going on. And surprisingly, most were not gay!!! My children have been educated from birth on homosexuality, and think nothing of it. You need to rethink your children's teaching, rather than question HOW THE GAYS will act if you see one..... they are everywhere you know.

Proud to BE an Educating Parents,
Pittsburgh, PA

Apr 09, 2011
gay days rant and rave
by: travis

Please what is all the hype about....first you say they are out of control, wake up folks...they are not out of control most of them have children of their own that they bring, as for saying married men and women dont act out...i am in the parks every weekend and always...100% promise that i see someone male/female with their so called partner grabbing,kissing,might as well forget paying for a room its happening right there but do we complain no..SO GET OVER for over flow...think about what your saying if you have issues with gay folks...dont visit Disney there are alot of gay folks that work its everywhere, and as far as being bothered and trying to say to the cast members, you didnt tell us that they were going to be here...well guess what they didnt tell us that you straight folks would be there as well...and the gathering of everyone on one day...please 364 days we have to watch the gathering of straight folks...give us one day or better the cause and join in the fun...just be on vacation and enjoy it....enough said...see you all in june...

Mar 05, 2011
Gay day
by: Anonymous

I took my family gay week. It's not a time to bring young children or teenagers. It's loud and different. If your children are used to men kissing and hugging and etc. And Ladies too . Then go. But it was a terrible time at MK, Epcot was ok, but there were about 2000-3000 at the park when we went and they just let loose, I hear there over 100,000 now they were making passes at each other, drag, just not behaving. Not sure why they have to gather all at one time to prove something. Married people man and women don't act like what we saw.

Feb 09, 2011
6 year old to Disney
by: Anonymous

This is essentially a week-long event with the heaviest concentration on the first weekend in June. It is not sponsored by Disney, nor restricted to the Disney parks only. They will typically not bother anyone not with them, though they are prone to be very public in their with displays of affection and T-shirt inscriptions, which may be suitable for a 6-year old. We have gone at that time (as adults) and have had no problem. We are careful not to where a red shirt or any other insignia which could be mistakenly interpreted that we are a pat of that event,and have had no problem. Disney has no affiliation with the organization, nor can they discourage guests on that basis. Apart from having a small child I would go on and go. If you do go discreetly ask cast members where the best to visit in the parks with you young boy. They are wonderful at insuring that all their guest are appropriately cared for and have a good clean fun. Hope you are able to go and have fun.

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