Gay Days - Thank You

Gay Days - Thank You

by Jenn
(Columbus, GA)

But it's not a question. It's a thank you. My travel agent mentioned that part of our vacation (which I've already paid for, of course) would fall on Gay Days.

DH and I thought nothing of it, having already had the "Mommy, why are those two men kissing" discussion with our 6 yo DD (We have an Uncle Chris and Aunt Jeff sitch in our fam). Thank you so much for providing waaaaay more info than my TA did. I didn't realize that it wasn't really Gay Day's but Gay Promiscuity Days, and we will be able to tailor our vacation to avoid the right/wrong parks, thanks to your information. We'll also be more alert and better prepared to intervene so that I don't have to explain anymore than I want to.

By the way, Thanks also for the link to a fair assessment of Gay Days, and I agree with that writer that I don't want sexuality at all at Disney- Gay or Straight. IT'S. FOR. FAMILIES.

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Dad's you're welcome Answer


You're welcome. At least your travel agent mentioned it. Most don't.

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