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Geocaching at Walt Disney World


by Jason Fortner
(Whiteface, TX)

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disney world parks


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the fire pit at 'Ohana




Hey Dad, planning a trip to Walt Disney World in June for the first time ever! My family and I have been saving and planning for this day since last summer. We also recently got into geocaching. I wanted to ask you of geocaching possibilities at the happiest place on earth. Or would you recommend us focusing on having fun at the parks instead of caching at the park? I don’t want caching to interfere with everything that WDW has to offer and I just wanted to see what you thought.


I love your website and visit it daily! Not to mention your Facebook posts and emails! This website has been a lifesaver for someone who has never been to Walt Disney World! I searched your site for any answer to this question but didn’t find one. Also as a guy who enjoys technology, do you know of any apps that would be good for a first time visiting family? We have downloaded a Disney World countdown app and are watching the days click away to our vacation! 149 days to go! Anyway, thanks for taking my questions!



Finding Hidden Mickey's is a form of

You might want to look for Mickey Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s Enjoy the Moment Answer


Jason, thanks so much for all the kind words. One of Dad’s great joys is sharing his love and knowledge of Walt Disney World with others, and it’s always great to hear that he’s been able to help! You’ve brought up a trendy topic (or at least it’s trendy to those of us technologically inclined), and while I think geocaching has it’s time and place, you may want to consider if your trip to Walt Disney World is the best time to cache.


A first trip to Walt Disney World is very special for a family, and while it is magical, it can be overwhelming! There is so much to see and do – with all of the planning you’ve put into this trip (not to mention the money!) you’ll want to enjoy every second you have to soak up that Disney magic! I’d be inclined to say that geocaching on your trip might pull your focus from the extraordinary little touches that make Disney World so special.


For those of Dad’s readers who aren’t as familiar with this new craze, Geocaching is “a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches.” It’s played in real life and reported to fellow players via the internet. There is in fact a large number of geocaches at Walt Disney World, but again, Dad doesn’t recommend spending time on this during a first trip.


However, there are a few unique experiences at Walt Disney World that will appeal to your love for geocaching. At EPCOT, you can play Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. This interactive game uses Kimmunicators (GPS enabled cell-phone-like devices) to send you hunting around various country pavilions in order to complete missions. With several different adventures, you could make an afternoon out of this!


Dad’s Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Page


Another use for your geocaching skills is to search for Hidden Mickeys throughout the various parks, at the hotels, or even in locations like water parks and Downtown Disney! Disney’s Imagineers are always working to incorporate these subtle symbols into their designs, and Hidden Mickeys can be found anywhere, from attractions and landscaping to food presentations and even textiles like carpet or curtains!

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Jason, in Dad’s opinion, geocaching isn’t the best choice for Walt Disney World first timers. But, if your family is really set on it, try to set aside a specific time where you can dedicate a few hours to it. Make sure you focus on the whole reason you’re there – to enjoy the most magical place on earth!


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disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney world hours


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disney world crowds


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Jan 18, 2012 Thanks for the info!
by: Jason Fortner Dad rocks! Thanks for taking my questions! I had heard about the Kim Possible and hidden Mickeys and I think that is what we will try. We definitely don’t want to miss out on what WDW has in store for us! Thanks again!

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