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Get a Fastpass early at Disney Hollywood Studios


by Michael


Can I go get a Fastpass early at Disney Hollywood Studios while my family gets up and going? And then have the rest of my family join me so they do not have to get up so early? Will this work?


Get a Fastpass at Disney Hollywood Studios for Rock n Roller Coaster

Fastpass at Disney Hollywood Studios For? Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s nope Answer



You are a true Dad. Lookie at this ladies. This man knows how to be a real Dad. It’s OK, honey, you just sleep a little longer (and get the kids ready) while I’ll run on over to the park and grab us all some Fastpasses so we don’t have to stand in line so long. What a guy.


The short answer to getting a Fastpass early at Disney Hollywood Studios is no it doesn’t work that way.


Guests must have an active ticket to get a Fastpass. That means your ticket must have been scanned into the park. (See Dad’s classic answer of this question.)


All of your party will have to be in the park. Once they are in the park then you can let them rest while you scamper around and collect Fastpasses (we let the Man-Child do it). But not until everyone is in the park.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Michael, I love your spirit, sacrificing for the family, that’s what Dad’s do. Unfortunately, this one won’t work. Sorry.


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Apr 26, 2011 We did an early Play and Dine Reservation
by: Sandra We made a reservation at Playhouse Disney (now Disney Jr) Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine for an hour before the park opened. Then while “the short guy” (our almost 2 year old at the time) and I finished up breakfast and he played and danced with the characters, hubby went running (well quickly walking) to Toy Story Mania to get Fastpasses once the park opened. I highly recommend both things. If you have a younger child this was the best character meal with lots of interaction. And having hubby go to get the fastpasses while we finished the meal.

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