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Get from Disney World to Sea World or Universal Studios


by Keely


We will be going to Disney World in Feb. 2012. We will be flying and will not be renting a car. Is it possible to take a bus from Disney World to Sea World and Universal?


Get a bus to Sea World

Can I get a bus to Sea World to see Shamu? Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s sorry but that’s not possible




There aren’t any buses that run from Disney World to any of the competing theme parks. None. Sorry. Can’t be done.


That’s what Disney wants you to think.


If you read most of Disney based web sites they’ll tell you (Dad does too) the only way to get to Sea World and Universal Studios from Disney World is by taxi or a car.


But there is a public bus that runs from either the Transportation and Ticket Center or Downtown Disney to Sea World. It’s the #50 Lynx bus (Lynx is Orlando’s public transportation system). The bus departs every 30 minutes. It departs from the TTC at 03 and 33 minutes after each hour. It leaves from Downtown Disney at 48 and 18 after each hour.


The trip from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Sea World takes 35 minutes. From Downtown Disney it’s 20 minutes.


Getting from Disney World to Universal Studios is a little more challenging. Even the planner that Lynx uses says it takes over an hour to get from Downtown Disney to Universal Orlando and you have to walk the last mile and a half. That’s not a real good option.


There is a bus combination that will get you from Downtown Disney to Universal. Take the #111 bus to Florida Mall. At Florida Mall transfer to the #37 bus to Universal Studios. The trip will take a whopping 90 minutes if everything is running on schedule.


The good news is it would only cost $2.00 per person each way. You can get a week pass for $16.00 per person.


I don’t have any personal experience with the Orlando bus system. If it’s not a Disney bus, I don’t ride it. We always have …

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Keely, my first tongue in cheek question would be why on earth would you want to leave Disney World for those other parks? Yes, I’m kidding. You can get from Disney World to Sea World or Universal on the bus. Sea World is easy, Universal is hard. Hope this helps.


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Feb 13, 2015 I think we used mears
by: Anonymous 6 or 7 years ago my husband and I went to WDW and wanted to go to Sea World as well. We had a bus pick us up at the All Star Sports Resort (I’m thinking it may have been Mears but not sure cause I think our AAA agent booked it).

Worked well for the trip there (don’t remember cost), but unfortunately I was very sick that day (throwing up in the bushes – why are there no bathrooms outside of the Sea World entrance?) and had to call a cab to get back home.

We’re planning a trip for Nov and was thinking about doing this again, but now that I’m analyzing the cost, I think we may just stay at WDW cause like Dad saying “why would you ever leave LOL”

Sep 29, 2012 Out of Disney transportation.
by: Anonymous I am a travel agent. The best way to go out Disney to Sea World and/or Universal is making a reservation with Mears. But, if you want to rent a car for one or two days, there is a Car Care Center inside Disney. You can use the internal transportation to move from your hotel to pick up the car.

Mar 15, 2012 busses
by: Anonymous you CAN get busses from disney to all other parks in orlando ,ive done it but u had to book the bus in advance ,

Oct 02, 2011 Mears was great
by: Anonymous My family and I were down in Disney August 2010 and wanted to go to the new Harry Potter attractions in Islands of Adventure. I had the same problem- namely, that there is very little information on how to get from Walt Disney World to any of the other attractions in the area. The Mears shuttles were GREAT!!! you call the day of to book the time you want to be picked up.

Just let them know what Disney hotel you are staying at (or where you want to be picked up) and they will let you know what time the shuttle will be. The shuttle times were early and often (for those who have to be there before park open). When you are ready to leave the park call 2 hours ahead of the time you want to leave and let them know when you want to leave and where you want to go.

When we went to Islands of Adventure it started to rain around 7pm but our scheduled time to catch the bus home was 8:30pm. We showed up at the designated bus spot and asked the driver and he let us on. It’s flexible, cheaper than renting a car, the buses are clean, the drivers are friendly and knowledgeable. It was wonderful and when we go down again in October 2012 I intend to use it to get to Sea World and Islands of Adventure again.

Sep 30, 2011 Getting to Universal from Disney World
by: Peggy My husband and I are coming to Disney World in November from Canada..It is our 2nd trip and I am like Dad..WHY leave Disney…it is so amazing BUT my husband would like to spend a day at Universal and if that is the only way I can get to him go…I will! LOL I called Mears Transportation last week and they have shared transportation to Universal Studios that pick you up right from the Resort and is $18.00 per person round trip. Because there is only 2 of us, that is not bad, but if you have a family it might be more pricey!
Hope this helps a little.

Sep 29, 2011 get a cab….
by: Anonymous I lived in Orlando for 10 years and just recently relocated. The Lynx system is horrible just take a cab it is much easier.

The best and quickest route is Turkey Lake Rd. Tell the cabbie to take Turkey Lake as it runs right into Universal and shaves about 5 minutes off the trip. I know this from experience as I worked at Universal and Sea World while living there and I lived Reedy Creek which is the area that is next to Disney….

Hope this helps someone…

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