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Disney World – Two hour wait? Who came up with this plan?

January 1, 2008 – New Years Day (Yeah, Dad, I think they can figure that one out.)

After the rental car debacle, and the check-in confusion, and the discouragement of missing the ESPN Club, and…

It was 7:00pm. The Plan was pretty much out the window. (Truthfully we had finished everything on The Plan and had some time to kill.) “Since we have some time”, I said knowingly,” why don’t we go ride Soarin’?”

“But dad”, the Man-Child said, “the wait time was 120 minutes. That’s like 2 and a half hours.” (The Man-Child struggles with math. No he didn’t really say it, I’m just trying to be funny. Read disclaimer #1)

“Yeah,” I said resignedly, “but if we don’t do Soarin’ tonight we might not get everything done when we come back.”

So off we went to stand in our first ever 2 hour line. Never had we ever waited over 45 minutes for any ride. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, even Rock-n-Roller Coaster. We know how to avoid lines. I think the longest we ever waited for any ride was 45 minutes for Buzz Lightyear. That was before FastPass.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “No ride is worth waiting 2 hours.” But it is a lot.

So we got in line. “Do we have too?” Mrs. Mom said. Her feet hurt. So did mine. “Yes!” I said in my most Dadliest voice. “We have too.”

So we waited.

I counted the people coming out. (38, 39 or 44 every 10 minutes, or something like that. I have trouble with numbers sometimes too.)

No ride is worth a 2 hour wait.

One hour down, how much farther. It take a long time when only 38 every 10 minutes are coming out of the ride (I know that because I counted them). Wake me up when we move again.

Finally we came to the big video walls.

Disney knows how to keep people entertained in long lines. All the small, medium and most of the large kids loved it. The adults had fun watching the kids love it.

No ride is worth a 2 hour wait.

Hey anyone watching the Fastpass line? How fast is it moving? No waiting. Next time Fastpasses for sure.

At the hour and a half mark we could see the entrance. Progress.

“No ride is worth this”, Mrs. Mom said. “Let’s just go to the hotel. My feet hurt.”

There is no way I’m getting out of line now. It’s been too long.

Have I said no ride is worth a 2 hour wait?

Finally we got to the entrance. We talked to the nice young/old man/lady/boy/girl at the entrance for a few minutes. (It’s not that I couldn’t tell, I just don’t remember. By now my brain is fried.)

He/she let us through the turnstile and we walked down the ramp… and we walked down the ramp. I seem to remember it was like aluminum siding like you see on barn roofs on the walls. (But I could be wrong, my brain was fried.)

No ride is worth a 2 hour wait.

So we got on the ride.

7 minutes later we got off the ride.


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  1. …and that’s why Seasonal Passes rule – but January is turismo month, and speaking of which, have you noticed them? They wear identical shirts, backpacks, fanny packs, or a combo and are guided with flag-bearing adults. They often come from Brazil (hence the term “Brazilian tour groups”), Argentina (just as common), or elsewhere in South America.

    Of course, I agree that no ride is worth a 2 hour wait, especially come turismo season!!!

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