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Getting into Cinderella’s Royal Table on Christmas Day

by Laurie
(Carlsbad, CA)

Dear Dad,

We are fortunate to have dinner reservations at 7:00 at Cindy’s Royal Table on Christmas Day. Question is … Will getting in to Cinderella’s Royal Table on Christmas Day be a problem if we get there later in the day?

We would rather go to Hollywood Studios (like you suggest) in the morning and avoid MK altogether on Christmas Day with the exception of the dinner.

You mentioned they close the park down and allow no more visitors after say 10:30 due to the crowd size. Would we still be able to get in around 6’ish? We are staying at AKL.

Thanks a bunch!

Dad’s sweating bullets Answer


My first thought is how’d you do that? Getting into Cinderella’s Royal Table on Christmas Day is a major coo. Someone was up real early this summer.

Next, I’m thinking, this Laurie is one smart cookie. She actually listens to Dad (hey kids, you need to meet this lady). Your plan to go to Disney Hollywood Studios on Christmas Day is a very well thought out plan. If only …

Most years, the Magic Kingdom opens back up in the afternoon for new guests. However, I have seen a couple of years where it closed again around 4. I looked at the long range forecast, it shows a chance of showers on Christmas Day with highs of 74.

You probably had to prepay for this meal, and it’s not cheap. (They don’t give refunds for no-shows.)

Wow, this is tough. My guess is that on a Saturday, if it doesn’t rain, the park will be closed by 10 to new guests and will pretty much remain that way all day. It would be very tough for me to recommend you go the Disney Hollywood Studios and risk not being able to get in for your reservations.

One thing I would do is go to the concierge desk at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (even though you may not be staying in the concierge section) and ask them if there is any way to make this happen, or if they could trade your reservation for another day. Be sure to tip them if they take good care of you.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If it were me, I wouldn’t chance it. Sorry.

Comments for Getting into Cinderella’s Royal Table on Christmas Day

Jun 23, 2015

Cindys royal table

by: Very excited mum!

I have gone over and over your advice for who knows how long in preparation for the big day (180th day) Today is that day so at 6am this morning I was prepared for the 180 day battle! Well being prepared paid off I got a reservation at Cindys royal table for Christmas day at the time we wanted! Not sure whos going to be more excited me or the girls when they find out! I hate to say it but thanks dad you were right lol

Dad’s Answer

Yep, Dad strikes again! Congratulations Mum!

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