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Getting into Extra Magic Hour Park without being Disney Resort Guest

by Kris
(Stillwater MN)

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“Is it possible to get in to an EMH park in the am if you do not have an onsite resort stay? Can you just walk around and not do attractions? I read somewhere it is possible but not at MK because they check at the TTC?”

Depends on what you mean by…

The area around Space Mountain in the morning

You’re not going to be able to walk here – Photo by Cliff Wang

Hi Kris,

This is one of those answers that depends a little on semantics. It depends on your definition of walking around in the park.

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) is a perk for those who stay in Disney Resorts. It allows guests of those hotels to get in the parks before (mornings) or stay in the park after (evenings) regular hours.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

Morning and evening EMH work differently when it comes to non-resort guests in the parks.

In the mornings, as a non-resort guest, you might (depending on how early you arrive) be let into the park but you not be allowed past the first area for example Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Some of the parks don’t even allow you in until the parks opening time.

Actually, in the Magic Kingdom they set up stations in the hub area by the castle. They check Magic Bands at the entrance to Adventureland, and Tomorrowland. Not at the TTC (Transportation and Ticket Center).

The evenings are different because you are already in the park. Disney will check MagicBands at the rides, and if you are not a resort guest you will not be able to ride and the Cast Member will ask you to exit the park, but no one is actually going to escort you out.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kris, the bottom line is for morning Extra Magic Hours, no you will not be able to able to walk through the park. You might be able to walk around and shop on around the entrance, but not walk where the rides are.


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May 15, 2018 EMH
by: Kris

Thanks for information. I must have seen my information on a very “shady” site!

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