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Getting kids to sleep at Disney World

by Vickie
(St. Louis, MO)

Hey Dad-
I’m back 🙂 I was wondering if you had any tips on getting the kids to sleep at Disney World at night, while still having the freedom (as adults) to stay up and not disturb them. We’ve heard that bringing a tent is a good option. We’re staying at the Polynesian so I know the rooms are fairly big. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Dad’s never been a problem Answer


Welcome back 🙂

Getting the kids to sleep at Disney World has never been a problem for us. We usually have the “I’m too excited to sleep” problem the night before. (Oh, yeah. Mrs. Mom just reminded me that it wasn’t the kids that were too excited to sleep, it was me.)

Even on our last trip when the kids were 23 and 19, they went to bed before we did. We found that after a full day in the parks kids are pretty worn out.

We also went one year with my wife’s family. One of her sisters has 3 boys that are very hard to get to bed at night. We found that they were ready for bed whenever we got back to the rooms at night.

But, let’s think about your suggestion. How do you get the kids to sleep at home? The tent thing is probably an OK idea, but it might make things more exciting. It might make things worse, especially if they have flashlights in the tent.

The big thing is not to let them take a quick nap on the bus or the monorail as you come back from the parks at night. That might make them more likely to stay up for a while.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Getting the kids to sleep at Disney World may be the least of your problems. When the Man-Child was 4 the biggest problem we had was getting him to stay awake in some of our favorite rides like the Enchanted Tiki Room or The American Adventure. (Prime sleeping attractions.)

Dad’s suggestion – since you are in the Polynesian, put them to bed and ignore them. Do whatever you need to, I would watch TV in one bed, while Mrs. Mom sat at the table and worked on whatever Mrs. Mom’s work on. Usually the kids would complain and ask us to turn off the lights.

Anyone else have any ideas? Just click on the link below and share.

Comments for Getting kids to sleep at Disney World

Mar 30, 2011

Sleeping Kids, hasn’t been a problem

by: Henry

I am a great fan of disney. Been there 7 times since 1999. My youngest is now 12 going on thirteen, and she has never had a problem going to sleep when the day in the parks was done. At first, when she was alot smaller and a lot lighter, I would carry her to the room from the bus asleep in my arms, change her, and not even disturb her. Now that she is almost as big as me, usually by the time the day is done, we go to the room, and after a nice hot shower, and dressing for bed, we would turn the tv on, and she would be asleep in 15 minutes or less. If they are overly excited, promise something special, or magical the next day in the parks, if they just lay there quietly and watch tv. The bribe that worked for my daughter was a hair wrap, trip to the resort game room, or shopping in Downtown Disney. What ever works for you.

But most of all enjoy your trip, I think it is worth it.

Dec 20, 2010


by: Anonymous

I agree with Dad after a full day of kids are going to have no problem sleeping. The average visit walks about five miles at a park. We haven’t even calculated waiting time.

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