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The Official Ticket Center – Dad’s Disney World Ticket Expert


Helping Dad's friends save time and money!

Helping Dad’s friends save time and money!

Hi everyone! Thanks for this opportunity! My name is Patrick and I am a co-owner of The Official Ticket Center here in Kissimmee, FL. I met Dad awhile back ago and he has asked me to start writing about all of the attraction tickets that one could buy while visiting our world famous theme parks here in Orlando. But before I get into all of that wonderful, mind boggling stuff that one could spend hours reading through, I would like to tell you a little about myself and our little business located around the corner from Walt Disney World.

Living here in Central Florida my whole life, I have had the pleasure of being in the tourism industry most of my adult career. The most memorable of jobs had to be working for Walt Disney World over at Magic Kingdom. I worked a total of 8 wonderful years for the mouse and hopefully will return in my retirement years to drive Walt’s trains. I met my wonderful and beautiful wife while working there, so Disney holds a very special place in my heart.

Working there exposed me to people from all around the world and taught me the importance of guest service. If you have ever worked for Disney, they put all new hires through a little Disney boot camp called, “Traditions”. There you are taught how to be a steward of everything Disney. The most important thing that stuck with me all these years and that I remember to this day is how people save for years to come and see Walt’s magic and how very important their vacation means to them.

Every day when guests come into my office, I remember that this family just traveled all the ways here to Orlando and possibly saved for years to have this much needed vacation. This is what makes me and our staff go that extra distance to make sure each and every guest leaves with a smile on their faces, ready for the parks that lay ahead! When I see the excitement in their faces when they leave, it makes me feel like I have the best job in the world! That is why it was a great moment meeting Carl (Dad) as he is just as excited about Disney as I am and it is always great to meet people who share my love for the Disney parks.

After leaving my job at Disney, my family was given an opportunity to buy a little discount attraction ticket office in Kissimmee. We had never owned a business, but bought it with a vision of making it the best ticket location in Orlando and we would do everything it took to accomplish it. Working 80 hour weeks, and many miles driven (we lived 1 hour away at the time) we made our dream come true.

While most other ticket companies were selling timeshare tours and buy back tickets, we stayed true to the industry and sold only authorized discount tickets. Doing the right thing for all of those years paid off and has made us one of the only guest service companies today to have official Point of Sale Terminals in our office, given to us buy the parks enabling us to activate tickets through their own, “In Park Portals”. Having this ticket activation system in our office makes life so much easier for our guests as they will have the exact same tickets as the ones bought directly at the park gates with all the bells and whistles, but with a discount!

We are located 3 miles east of Disney at the corner of Poinciana Blvd and Vineland Rd. Osceola Parkway sits right behind our office which is a direct shot, straight to Disney’s main entrance. So a quick stop in our office can save you money and also save you time not waiting in line to pay full price!

On top of selling discount Walt Disney World tickets, we also sell all of Central Florida’s other world famous theme park tickets as well including Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Legoland, Kennedy Space Center and more.

I will be writing articles about various tickets in the upcoming future, but if you should have any questions or comments about tickets or their options, please email me at my office at and I will do my best to answer all of your questions. Also if you are looking for all of the discount Disney tickets that Dad recommends purchasing, here is a link to his “Special Page” that we created for him with everything Disney on it! Just click here Disney Tickets. Thanks for allowing me to be part of Dad’s family and I look forward to writing future posts!

Patrick Pulliam The Official Ticket Center

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