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Getting Started with Dad's Guide to WDW


Boy are we glad you are here. Welcome to Dad's Guide to WDW. Come on in, take your shoes off and sit a spell. We're going to have some fun together.


Dad's Guide is a big place. There is an awful lot of information here on our main site, but we also have a lot of other places where we share our love of WDW. We thought it would be good to show you around so you don't miss anything.

Getting around Dad's Guide

There is a whole lot of content on Dad's Guide. We have pages on Crowds, Hotels, Events, Restaurants, Tickets, and lots more. There are pull down menus in the header that will take you to all our great information pages. Check them out.


Dad's Header with dropdown menus


Dad's Facebook page is one of the best around. That's not bragging just fact. Dad's Facebook page is filled with Walt Disney World news, pictures, fun, pictures, videos, pictures and more pictures. Go ahead check it out.

Dad's Facebook page

Make sure you Like it and click on the notifications link so you'll get notifications when we update it. The more times you like, comment or share posts, the more Facebook will show you the latest from Dad in your timeline.


Also, be sure to visit the page often. Facebook doesn't put everything on your timeline (they don't even put everything from it on mine). So check out our page every day or two. It will be worth it. Trust me.

Get Notifications on Facebook

Dad's Guide Facebook Page headerBe sure to click on the Get Notifications so Dad will show up on your timeline.

Dad's Blog

The next thing you should look at is Dad's Blog. This is where Dad shares the latest Disney News, his opinion of what's happening, stories from trips and all kinds of special articles about our favorite vacation destination.


You'll definitely want to bookmark this and check back often. We update it almost every day. On Monday's we do the news from around WDW. Friday's are Foodie Fridays and Saturday's are Souvenir Saturdays. It's a lot of fun.

Dad's Blog


Dad is also on Twitter. If you like Twitter, then you have to follow Dad. Dad's Twitter name is @TheDisneyDad (duh).

Follow Dad on Twitter


Dad has started a very active Instragram page. If you like seeing pictures of Walt Disney World, this is the place for you. Come check it out.

Dad's Instragram page


Pinterst is another place to see lots of good WDW pictures and get interesting information about Disney World. Come over and see Dad's Pinterest page.

Dad's Pinterest page

WDW Magazine

Dad is also the publisher of WDW Magazine. It's the best online magazine about Walt Disney World anywhere. You might want to take a peek at it.

WDW Magazine

Dad's Bottom Line

There are a lot of ways to find Dad on the internet. I hope you'll take a few minutes and us out. I think you'll find lots of good information and Disney fun.