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Getting to Restaurants from the All Star Resorts

by Lori Stone
(Denver CO)

We are staying at The All Star resort and we’re making reservations for character meals at other resorts, including the Contemporary resort. How hard is it going to be to get to the restaurants from the All Star Resorts using Disney transportation and how long will it usually take?

Lori Stone

Dad’s you can’t get there from here Answer

Lori, Thanks for the great question. Getting to restaurants from the All Stars resorts and the Pop Century can be a little problematic.

Dad’s Disney Value Resort page

Getting to a restaurant is easy if it’s in one of the theme parks. You just take the bus to the theme park. That will normally take about 20-30 minutes. (Make sure to add some time if you are going to the back of EPCOT. It can take 20 minutes to get in the park, then walk to the restaurants on the back side.

Getting to the restaurants in one of the hotels can be a different story. The monorail hotels are the most convenient. You take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and grab the monorail. That will take 30-45 minutes.

Getting to the other resorts is a little more … let’s say, torturous. You’ll have to take a bus to one of the parks, then take another bus to the hotel you want to eat at. That will take at least 45 minutes and probably more like an hour.

Another fairly normal scenario is getting from the Magic Kingdom to EPCOT. That’s easy, but id does take a little longer than you think sometimes. The monorail will get your there, but it will take about 45 minutes.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Lori, Disney Transportation does a great job. You just have to plan ahead and allow enough time. (Disney restaurants ask that you check in 15 minutes prior to your Advanced Dining Reservation time.)

This is why Dad suggests a car at Disney World


Comments for Getting to Restaurants from the All Star Resorts

Nov 15, 2010

Yes, but plan ahead

by: Dad

Dad just checked a couple of taxi services for you, because that’s what a good Dad would do and Dad’s a really good Dad, some of the services have car seats available. You will need to make arrangements in advance, and there will be an additional cost.

You’re welcome.

Nov 15, 2010


by: Anonymous

Sounds great!!!

Do you know if the taxis have booster seats we can use?

Nov 13, 2010


by: Anonymous

We were at WDW in Sept and stayed at CBR; we had several breakfast resv at other resorts which was somewhat problematic. We ended up taking a taxi on two occasions and it was only 10-15 dollars. Well worth being able to sleep in and not worry about being late. The taxi was always right on time and picked us up in front of our resort.

I’m not sure the age of any kids you will be traveling with but we did the Stich breakfast at Poly and Goofy at the Beach Club both where awesome and we will be doing them – highly recommended!!!!!

Have a great trip!!

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