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Getting to the car after Illuminations

by Brandie Ragland

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“Can you move your car from the EPCOT parking lot and park over at Yacht and Beach Club before Illuminations so you can make a quick exit after Illuminations?

We would like to see Illuminations, but would also like to get outta there as fast as possible. We only have 4.5 days to visit the parks and we want to get an early start every morning. We have 3 kids. The youngest is 6, so the more sleep the better for him.

We will be staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. We get to go to DW about every 3-4 years. We have flown in the past, so we’ve had to rely on the buses. This time we are driving. If you have any other suggestions for a quick exit after illuminations, I’d appreciate them!

Thank you so much!
Brandie Ragland”

Not Really

Watching Illuminations from the Japan Pavilion

Watching from Japan is cool, but makes it a long walk – Photo by Cliff Wang

Hi Brandie, thanks for the question.

Parking in the parking lots of the resorts is limited to guests of that resort. Disney does not want park guests to use the hotel parking lots even guests of other hotels.

While it sounds like a good idea, it just won’t work and I’m not sure it will save you a lot of time.

It’s a pretty good walk from EPCOT even to the Beach Club, farther than it looks on a map, and then you have to walk through the hotel and out to the car parking.

My guess is it’s not a lot less steps than walking out to the parking lot and grabbing a tram to your car. It might save you 5 to 10 minutes, but not much more than that.

You can save a little time by watching Illuminations from the Future World side of EPCOT.

Dad’s Illuminations page

Yes, the drive is a little shorter from the Beach Club/Yacht Club but overall we’re not talking much time. 15 minutes tops.

You might get to ride the Skyliner

Now depending on when you go the Disney Skyliner might be open. That would make it a lot easier. The Skyliner will go directly from EPCOT’s International Gateway to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

There’s not opening date for the Skyliner yet, but my guess is sometime in 2020, maybe late 2019.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is while parking at the Beach Club or Yacht Club sounds like a good idea, it’s not really possible and won’t save a lot of time.

Either way it will be faster than the buses.


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