Giggle Gang coming to Storybook Circus

Giggle Gang coming to Storybook Circus

by The Princess

Hey Y’all! When I was a younger kid, Mrs. Mom, Mom and Dad decided to take The Man-Child and I to the circus. I must say it was pretty awesome. The Man-Child cried the whole time while I took in all the animals and sounds and people.

The Giggle Gang

The Giggle Gang

Photo by Disney Parks Blog

The clowns make people laugh, everything at the circus is designed to engage people and make them laugh or be in awe. Storybook Circus in the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom has done a really excellent job at doing this. Another element the powers that be have decided would be a great addition would be the Giggle Gang.

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This Giggle Gang will be made up several clowns greeting and engaging guests in Storybook Circus. Heading up the Giggle Gang will be Chuckles Buffoon McMonkeyshinee III along with Whinny Horselaugh and Snort. These three will be performing all sorts of funny shenanigans.

Silly Saxtet and Wowzer will be bringing the music to Storybook Circus. They will parade through the Storybook Circus sharing their knowledge of music. They might even perform a song or two if you ask. Wowzer loves to perform for everyone.

So when The Man-Child and I went the circus it was just not any simple circus, but it was the Greatest Show on Earth, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. That circus is famous for their clowns. The Magic Kingdom has brought former members of Barnum and Bailey Clown College to be apart of the Giggle Gang.

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The Giggle Gang is going to be a great addition to Storybook Circus. Guests should be ready to laugh and prepared for fun tricks. Imagine waiting for Dumbo, long line I am sure, and one of the Gang comes up to you and makes the kids smile which makes your day easier.

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