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Go to Disney World in February or August?

by Caroline
(Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)

Hi Dad I just recently found your site and I love it, and yes I'm happly married as well.(LoL)

Anyways, my family and I went to WDW last year during march break and had a great time (Febuary 28 to march 5 2010). We are now wondering if we should go August 14-20 2011 or next March break February-March 2012.

Our main concerns are crowds and weather. I have heard over and over again how hot it is in August and lets not forget the rain. Another thought is if we go in August we may also try Universal studios. Would you recommend it for a family of five, our kids are 12, 10 and 4. Thanks Dad and I'm looking forward to hear from you.


Dad's hot and sweaty Answer


Welcome to the party. Glad you came along. Love the picture of the family.

Dad went to Disney World one time in August. Never again. Wow. The worst crowds at Disney World are hot, grumpy, sweaty, stinky, grumpy, sweaty August crowds. No they aren't the biggest crowds of the year, but for some reason they seem to be the grouchiest.

Late February, just before the spring breakers arrive is much better. (Although I really prefer early November, but that's another story.) As you know the crowds are all smiles because spring is in the air. Temperatures are wonderful. The flowers are blooming. Life is good.

Now about that other theme park ...

We enjoy visiting Universal Studios Orlando. The best ride in all of Orlando is Men in Black. (Yes, that even includes Harry Potter and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.) A couple of days at Universal every other trip to Orlando or so is not going to offend Uncle Walt (he's dead already).

If you do go to Universal, make sure to stay in one of the on site hotels. The front of the line pass is far better than FastPass.

PS. When you do decide, make sure to let Dad help you with your plans.

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