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Go to Disney World in June or September?

by Samantha

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“Hello! My boyfriend and I are planning to go to Disney World in 2019, but we’re unsure whether to go in June or September. I’m still in university, so I can’t afford to go any other time of the year.

I’m most concerned about the weather; from what I have read online, there’s not much of a difference between June and September (but please correct me if I’m wrong!). June is, apparently, the rainiest month of the year, but September is in the middle of peak Hurricane Season!

I’d like to go within the first 3 weeks of September 2019 (before I return to university around the 20th) because of the low crowds, but I’m really worried about the weather. The first 3 weeks of June 2019 is our other option, but I’m worried about the crowds and the weather too. Thank you for reading!”

June or September? Mmmm?


June or September, which one is best? It’s kind of a hard trade off. Let’s take a look.

The Weather question

Which month has better weather, June or September? If you just go strictly by numbers, September wins. The average temperature in June is a little higher. The average rainfall in June is a little more. September is, on average cooler and dryer than June.

In September you do have a hurricane threat, but historically the chances are pretty low. In fact I just wrote about hurricane season and what you need to know about them.

Dad’s Talks About Hurricane Season at WDW

You should think about hurricanes in September, but not worry about them. They are pretty rare and the chances of one hitting on your week is not very good.

The Crowd Question

When it comes to crowds, September wins hands down. September is the slowest month at Walt Disney World by far.

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

June is not bad. The first couple of weeks are light to moderate before the summer crowds start showing up. Overall June is not a bad choice.

Dad’s June Disney World Crowds page

Even though June isn’t bad September is really, really slow crowd wise. We’re talking 10 minute wait some days for Flight of Passage and the busiest rides.

I saw a video taken last week (first week of September 2018) where someone was walking through Pandora in Animal Kingdom and you couldn’t see anyone else at 3 in the afternoon.

September is that slow.

The Events

I know you didn’t ask about them, but the events have to be considered when you are choosing between months.

In June, there’s not much special going on. There aren’t any special events. The Flower and Garden Festival ends at the end of May. They no longer do Star Wars Weekends, so there really is nothing special for June.

September on the other hand has the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Two biggies that really are not to be missed if you haven’t tried them.

The EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival is one of our favorite things to do at Walt Disney World. Even though we don’t drink, we love going to the Food and Wine Festival and just grazing our way around the “world”.

Dad’s Food and Wine Festival page

It’s pretty yummy.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is one of the best things that Disney does. It should be experienced at least once.

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party page

It’s a great night of spooky fun. The Boo to You Parade may be the best parade Disney has. I think the Happy Hallowishes fireworks show is the best fireworks at WDW. I think Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is something very special.

So September wins the events race.

Tallying up the score

Mmm, let’s see, weather, September wins by a nose. Crowds, September wins be a landslide and Events, September wins by a knockout.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

It looks like September would be a better choice than June just looking at the numbers, but anytime is a good time to visit Walt Disney World. Yes, September is major hurricane season, but the odds are pretty low that you’ll encounter one.

PS. I’d highly recommend you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel to help you plan your vacation. They really are the best at helping get you ready for the trip and dealing with things like hurricanes.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page


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