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Go to Disney World Spring Break or Thanksgiving Week?

by Chris

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Video Transcript

Hi, Dad here again with another video Ask Dad. This question comes from Chris in Oklahoma City. By the way, hi Chris, neighbor. I’m just right up the road in Edmond. Edmond and Oklahoma City are about 20 miles apart for the people that don’t know, depending on where Chris lives in Oklahoma City.

Here’s what Chris says, “Hi Dad. Your site is very helpful.” Thank you very much. “We are trying to plan our next Walt Disney World trip around school breaks which doesn’t allow much chance to miss the crowds. Since Christmas week is a madhouse, which week do you think will be less crowded, the week of March 12th or Thanksgiving week in 2017? Thanks.”

Chris, it’s a good question, number one. Kind of a tough question to answer because there’s not really going to be a lot of difference, a little bit but not a lot. Both times, both weeks will be very busy. March 12th, that’s just after the beginning of the spring break crowds.

Dad’s March Disney World Crowds page

The spring break crowds start arriving that first week, towards the end of the first week in March. That second week of March, March 12th, the crowds will be pretty big. By the way, March 12th is his mom’s birthday, big day for us.

March 12th, big crowds, not much you can save.

Going over and looking at Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, that week’s crowds are big, especially in the middle to end of the week. Now, if you could go to Disney World leaving right after school was out on Friday, if you have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, leave after school is out on Friday before and you’ll miss some of the crowds. Crowds start arriving a little Sunday.

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

Monday, the crowds get a little bigger. Tuesday the crowds get a little bigger. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, it has this kind of feel during that week. What you’ll want to do if you can is go the Friday before Thanksgiving and miss some of those big crowds Thanksgiving week.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday the crowds won’t be … They’ll be here versus up here during the middle of the week, but with the March crowds they’ll be pretty much busy all week long. There won’t be any down periods because that’s the beginning of the spring break.

The difference between March and Thanksgiving, in March you have beautiful spring weather. It’s before the heat arrives. It should be nice and pretty, just beautiful time. The International Flower and Garden Festival will be going on at that time at EPCOT.

Dad’s Flower and Garden Festival page

EPCOT will just be incredibly incredible. It will be beautiful. Christmas, on the other hand, Thanksgiving time is Christmas time at Disney World. It’s an oxymoron. It’s Thanksgiving but it’s Christmas. Christmas starts in early November. If you go during the week of Thanksgiving you’ll have all the Christmas decorations. It’s just incredible, beautiful, beautiful time to be at Disney World.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

The best time of the year, I think, to be at Disney World. It’s that trade off. Which would you rather go? Would you rather go early during spring or would you rather go late during Christmas? It’s that easy of a choice. It really doesn’t have much difference in crowds. Early, late, if you can go early Christmas week, that’s the best.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line is there’s not a lot of difference between the two. If you can go early during Thanksgiving week that would be best. It really doesn’t matter. Would you rather be there during the Flower and Garden Festival or during Christmas? That’s pretty much what it boils down to. I hope that helps. Thanks for the question. Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday around town. Have a great day. Bye bye.


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Nov 03, 2016 Wow
by: Chris

OMG!!! I live in Edmond too!!! That’s so crazy!! What a small world!!!
Thank you for your response. WDW is my happy place. The Christmas decorations and festivities at WDW are just soooo magical!!! So I think it will have to be Thanksgiving week since the crowds won’t be much different. Thanks. Sincerely, fellow Okie =)

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