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Go to Disney World this summer or Christmas??

by Angie

Hi “Dad” My family of 6- mom, dad and 4 great kids (10-17) are trying to decide if we should go to Disney World this summer or Christmas.

I’m a teacher and am stuck doing the traditional vacation times. We’ve been in late May-early June before and loved it, but It’s always been my dream to come for Christmas. It is really that much busier than early June? or is it worth it to join the crowds and just do it?

Also, we stayed in a condo last time because it just worked better for our family, are there many Disney hotels that have larger rooms that will accommodate 6 without breaking the budget?

Dad’s “it’s beginning to look a lot like … ” Answer


Let’s see Disney World this summer or Christmas?

It’s no contest. If you’ve already experienced June in Disney World, you should go in December.

Any year you can complete your trip before December 24, you should go in December. We’ve arrived late as the 19th and had a great time. We left on Christmas Day (which, by the way is a good day to fly).

This year the calendar looks great for a trip.

Crowds are large, but not unmanageable from about the 18th until Christmas Day. From Christmas Day to New Years Day crowds are outrageous.

Everyone should see Disney World at Christmas at least once.

Christmas at Disney World

About affordable Disney hotels for a family of 6 …

I’d suggest 2 rooms at Disney’s Pop Century (Dad prefers the Pop to the All Stars). Ask for connecting rooms when you make your reservation. You end up with 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 TV’s and a good value. (This may not work with your family mix.)

See Dad’s Pop Century Page

The only other reasonable option for a family of 6 is the Fort Wilderness Campground cabins. Most can sleep 6 and have a kitchen.

Destinations to Travel


Staying offsite is not the end of the world. You can check out some of Dad’s recommended houses for rent. Those can be even better deals than condos.

See Dad’s offsite reservations page

Angie, I hope this helps you with your decision. Let me know.

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