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Go to EPCOT directly from Orlando International Airport

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“I don’t stay in any resort in or around Walt Disney World. Any shuttle service I can take from the airport to EPCOT center? How much per person?

Also, I will bring my luggage to EPCOT since I don’t have a rental car. Will the locker service take care of my luggage? How much a day?”

Getting there is the easy part

Spaceship Earth will be the first thing you see

Walking in to EPCOT is pretty special – Photo by Cliff Wang

Getting to EPCOT is easy. There are several different services you can use to get from the airport to EPCOT. Uber and Lyft are probably the least expensive.

Uber from Orlando Airport to EPCOT is between $22 and $57 depending on the level of service you want. Lyft runs between $25 and $70.

Standard taxi service rates are around $80 each way. You can also find limo’s, shuttles and even bus service.

About the luggage…

Storing the luggage at EPCOT isn’t a problem. There are lockers that will handle big bags at both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. The largest can handle a bag that is 17″ X 22″ X 26″. That will fit pretty much any suitcase. Those lockers are $15 per day each.

There aren’t a lot of them and when they get filled up there’s not really any alternative. They aren’t the most popular, but there’s a risk that you won’t have one available.

The bag storage area is just past Spaceship Earth on the right side as you are walking over by the bathrooms. It’s automated so there’s no Cast Members on site.

Understand that you will have to open every bag and have it searched at security.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Getting from Orlando International Airport is easy and not nearly as expensive as it used to be. Storing luggage at EPCOT is possible, but if it doesn’t work you’ve got a problem.


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