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Going as a Guest with DVC


by Joyce


I have been invited to go back to Disney World this coming October if all goes as planned. My question is this: I am going as a guest of someone (my daughter) who belongs to the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). My question is how do I find out what the ticket, park hopper and dining will cost me. Do they have their own pricing? How does this work. She really doesn’t know as they are new to this program. But, I told her that I knew someone that would know the answer to my question.



The Bay Lake Tower is part of the Disney Vacation Club

This is where Dad and Mrs. Mom are staying Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s No Special Treatment Answer


Joyce, thanks for the great question. When talking about the Disney Vacation Club, we usually just speak about what membership means for accommodations – not taking into account ticket options and the Disney Dining Plan. Most folks have gotten so used to purchasing vacation “packages” with Disney that it’s hard to know where to start when you only need to purchase individual elements. Don’t worry – Dad’s got you covered!


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As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you might think you’d be entitled to all sorts of perks or discounts when it comes to tickets and dining. Not so. In fact, the only ticket discount available for DVC members is on the annual pass. Now, if you plan to go back again within a year of your October trip and those trips will total more than 10 days, this might be something to look into. If not, you’ll be looking at good old Magic Your Way tickets.


Magic Your Way tickets are the regular Walt Disney World park tickets. They come in 1-10 day packages, either as a base ticket (you can only enter 1 park per day), or you can make additions like Water Park Fun & More, No Expiration Option, or Park Hopper (which allows you to go to multiple parks each day). These tickets range in price depending on how many days you stay – the more days you buy, the less the cost per day is (it changes a little with each additional day, with a big dip in price between days 3 and 4).


To give you an idea of price – a one day Magic Your Way ticket with Park Hopper will cost you $127.80, and a 7 day pass will cost you $48.99 per day. You can calculate the exact cost of the options you want on the Walt Disney World website by clicking here.


Now, as for dining, DVC members are allowed to purchase the Disney Dining Plan (no discounts apply), but Dad doesn’t recommend it. It’s really hard to get your money’s worth with the Disney Dining Plan, and especially in the case of a DVC room, you’ll have a kitchen or kitchenette which is the perfect way to save money by making your own breakfasts, or even other meals, snacks, etc. You can even have groceries delivered to your resort (Dad prefers!


Dad’s Disney Dining Plan Page

Dad’s Dining Plan Calculator Page


So, how do you go about purchasing all of this? The tickets are easy – you can order them through Disney directly on the Walt Disney World website, book through DVC member services, or simply buy them at a park or at your resort when you arrive in Orlando. If you want the Disney Dining Plan, you’ll need to arrange for that with DVC member services at least 48 hours in advance of your stay.


If all this sounds like too much trouble, you can always let the pros take care of it! The team at Destinations to Travel would be more than willing to help set up everything to help you have the most Perfect Vacation possible.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page


  • Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


Joyce, this may seem a little confusing at first glance, but once you have one Disney Vacation Club trip under your belt, it’ll seem like a piece of cake. Then you’ll just have to worry about getting your daughter to invite you back!


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Jan 04, 2014 Just a point about the dining plan…
by: Tom While I agree that the dining plan may not make complete “financial” sense, my recent experience with the deluxe dining plan was outstanding and in short, priceless. We just finished up a trip using deluxe dining with our two daughters (3 and 8). Using the deluxe dining plan I booked every single breakfast, lunch and dinner as character dining.

Quite frankly, it was my best experience at Disney yet, my 8 year old has a book full of autographs and mom and dad have tons of photos of the kids with all the best characters!!!

While we walked through the parks and saw the hour long lines at character greets, we patted ourselves on the back for all of the character meals we booked with the dining plan.


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