Going during Jersey Week 2011

Going during Jersey Week 2011

by Craig Wallace
(Ontario, Canada)

First off, I have spent hours 'lurking' on your site and the valuable information contained within is eye opening for sure!!! Thanks a ton...

We are planning on visiting Disney World in November (5th - 18th) and probably staying off site at a home rental (up to 10 family members).

I've read about 'Jersey Week 2011' and your take on that the crowds spike a little but not to be afraid of them. Would it be wise to avoid DW on the weekends altogether and just concentrate on the early days in the week and then fill those weekends with jaunts to the coast, etc...during the weekends?

And also, what is your recommendation for a great book, or online guide to build an itinerary?

Thanks a ton...

A very cold Canadian Reader!

Dad's warm sunny Florida Answer


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

You sound like you have a real good plan for how to handle Jersey Week 2011. Going to the beaches on the weekend is a really good idea. All Disney all the time can get a little old, and if you are going to be there 2 weeks you might as well see some of Warm, Sunny, Florida.

The only books I recommend when it comes to Disney World are The Official and the Unofficial Guide to Disney World. I love both books. I read them before every trip.

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