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Going to Walt Disney World? You need a “Trip bible”!

by Dad
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All right. Here we go. It’s time for Dad’s Tip of the Week. Are you going to Walt Disney World? You need a “Trip bible”.

A Trip bible being created

It’s a messy process but someone has to do it – Photo from

How many of you put together a “Trip bible” when you go to Walt Disney World? Mrs. Mom always does a “Trip bible” and I think that’s very, very important. I think everybody needs a “Trip bible” when you go to Walt Disney World.

In fact, I got this note this week from Carol. Carol said, “We will be there through December 7th to 17th. It’s our first visit, and without your blog I couldn’t have done it. I planned everything myself. Where to stay, where to eat, what day at what park, what extras to do, and I am extremely excited.

I have made a binder with all of our trip information. My husband says I’m crazy, which is probably true. I mean we only have 79 more days. I wanted to say thank you for all you do. I couldn’t have done it without you. Now, the only thing I have left to do is to book our fast passes. Carol.”

Carol. That’s great. I think it’s important. I think your husband will find out just how great you are, how smart you are, and not crazy, although you might be crazy, we’re all a little crazy, right? It really is good to have a “Trip bible”.

That’s one of the things I talk about a whole lot in my book, Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning. I break down all the steps to planning.

One of the first things I talk about is putting together a binder, or as I call it a “Trip bible”, to gather all your papers and things together. Mrs. Mom does a great job about this.

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

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Lets just read a little bit right out of the book: “You’re going to want to create your own “Trip bible”, or whatever you want to call it. Mrs. Mom’s trip bible has everything, every piece of paper we could possibly need for the trip.

In just a few seconds, Mrs. Mom can whip out a reservation number, or a menu on the spot. It really comes in handy. The frustrating thing is that she always beat me when I try to pull things up on my app. So would you like to know what’s in Mrs. Mom’s “Trip bible”?”

“Mrs. Mom’s “Trip bible” has travel information, airlines, hotels, Rent-a-Car, tickets, special events, restaurant menus, table service, quick service, airport restaurants …” Yes, even the airport restaurants. “Advance dining reservations, confirmation numbers, passports, park hours, itinerary cards …” Yes, she makes our own itinerary cards. So everyday, we’ve got a little itinerary card. “Appropriate Get Down to Disness pages and the PLAN.

Mrs. Mom’s trip bible is very organized. It’s broken up into days. Each day has it’s own plastic sleeve with papers for that day. Each morning we get a sleeve of the day, and throw it in the backpack and we’re off.”

And then I talk about other people that have trip bibles. We have some examples of other trip bibles right there on the website. It’s really, really important that you have some kind of organization.

I’m a very plastic, a very app type person. I’ve got my iPhone. I’ve got my iPad. I’ve got my laptop (a MacBook Pro). That’s the way I roll. Mrs. Mom though is very paper. We talk about paper versus plastic. You’ve got to have a combination of both. And a “Trip bible” I think is essential.

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So Dad’s Tip of the Week is you need to get a “Trip bible” for your next trip.


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