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Golf Carts at Ft. Wilderness Campground

from Jay


Hey Dad, Huh – funny that’s my name too… Sorry – Dad jokes… So here’s the question. Jumped into Disney (booked through a travel agent on a last minute whim – was a Christmas present and going in Feb) We have reservations at the cabins at Ft. Wilderness. We will not have a personal vehicle and be taking the Magical Express too and from the airport (kids are 7, 4, and 2).


I read that you mentioned a golf cart at the Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds – would it be beneficial to have them at the cabins as well in regards to getting to and from the transportation depots to get to MK, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studio – doing one day at each. Any other insight would be great. Thanks, Jay aka Dad

Dad Answers

A Minnie golf cart at Ft. Wilderness Campground

The Ft. Wilderness version of a Minnie Van – photo by Suzanne Ivey McCord

Hi “Dad,” interesting that we have the same name. What are the odds?


Cabins/Campgrounds the Same Thing (Only Different)

When I talk about having a golf cart at Ft. Wilderness, I’m talking about the whole resort. Cabins and Campgrounds. Cabins/Campgrounds are the same thing when it comes to Ft. Wilderness.


Ft. Wilderness is a HUGE resort. It’s 3 times as big as Magic Kingdom. It has it’s own bus service that just runs internally around the resort. The buses are pretty useful and wait times aren’t bad.

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Golf Carts at Ft. Wilderness are COOL

You don’t actually need a golf cart at Ft. Wilderness, but they sure are cool and will save some time. My assistant Stephanie and her husband were just at Ft. Wilderness and got to drive one of the golf cars around. They had a blast. It might have been the most fun thing they did on their trip.


Having a golf cart is like having a car at Disney World. It’s really not necessary, but it will save you time. It’s a luxury, but a fun one.

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The Benefits

As I mentioned, Ft. Wilderness is pretty big. The cabins are located up front by the checkin area and Transportation hub which is convenient for getting around Walt Disney World, it’s not convenient to the amenities at Ft. Wilderness. If you want a snack it’s a long haul to the Trading Post. It’s a long way from the cabins to any food. It’s a long way from the cabins to the marina (for the Magic Kingdom boat the coolest way to get to the Magic Kingdom).


Having a golf cart (or even bicycles which you can rent) is a quick way to get around. It’s also helpful to transport luggage. It’s fun to drive around and see the campground. If you want to stock up on groceries for your cabin, you can drive to the Trading Post and put them on the cart to get them back to your cabin.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jay (Dad) I’m a fan of having my own transportation. I like having a car at Disney World. I would (if I ever stayed at Ft. Wilderness) have a golf cart. I think it’s a good idea especially from the cabins.

Carl (the “real” Dad) Trent


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