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Granddaughter in Port Orleans Pool

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“I will be staying at the Port Orleans and my granddaughter will be staying at Fort Wilderness. I can invite her over one night to swim at the Port Orleans pool?”

The Dragon slide at the pool at the Port Orleans Resort

She could take a ride on the dragon slide – Photo by Wayne Wood

This one is one of those maybe, maybe not, problem. Disney has changed where you have to have to be staying at the resort to get inside the pool. Over the last couple of years, they’ve fenced in all the pools and it takes a MagicBand to get in.

Dad’s PAGENAME page

Now, they don’t check to see who’s on the reservation. They don’t check the names, they don’t check that your granddaughter’s name is on the reservation. If you’re not bringing in a big group, nobody’s probably going to say anything. You will be able to get in.

So, bringing your granddaughter with you is not going to be that difficult a thing, unless you got like 30 people coming in. Just your granddaughter, I think it’s really fine. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with that. Give it a try. The worst they can do, say, “I’m sorry, she can’t be in here.” I just don’t see that happening, not at the Port Orleans.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Now, if you were going to the Stormalong Bay, maybe. It might be a different situation. But the pool at the Port Orleans, my guess is you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Give it a try.


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