Great deal for Jersey Week

Great deal for Jersey Week

by Erin Sass
(Union, NJ Union)


Question if I'm planning to go during the week of Jersey Week when should I be looking for Great Deal for Jersey Week with a Walt Disney package vacation?

This happens just before Jersey Week

Dad's it's not gonna happen Answer


I'm sorry to say that there aren't going to be any Great Deals for Jersey Week this year. But, I would go ahead and book your Magical Vacation. (Which you can do by going to Dad's Pixie and Pirate Destinations page.)

Disney has announced Free Dining for October through March but the week of Jersey Week was one of many that were excluded. Last week Disney even cut the number of days that were eligible for Free Dining. I don't expect any more discounts to be announced for the fall.

Now about that Jersey Week thing ...

Jersey Week is the product of some vivid imaginations. Yes, the crowds are just a bit larger than some of the surrounding weeks, but they certainly aren't as big as some "Jersey Week nuts" seem to think they are.

To prove my point, you can go to and check out the history of crowds during Jersey Week. You'll see that for the last 6 years, crowds during the first full week of November have been roughly the same as those of the surrounding weeks.

From the hype of "Jersey Week", you'd think everyone from the whole east coast would be found at Disney World that week. It's just not so. You'll probably find more people from Florida than from New Jersey at Disney World that week.

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Dad's Bottom Line


Go ahead and make your reservations now. If Disney does offer some amazing Great Deal for Jersey Week, the great folks at Pixie and Pirate Destinations will make sure you get in on it even if you already have a reservation.

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Aug 29, 2011
You can still get a deal for Jersey Week
by: John


If you are willing to pull the kids out of school a day early and arrive on the 3rd (even if it is at night) I believe you would get free dining the duration of your stay since the Free Dining is available until 11/3. So checking in on the 3rd will make you eligible.

Call them and check but originally it was 11/5 and I was checking in 11/6, so I called and changed to arrive a day early and I got free dining the whole trip. So you have a shot.

Good luck and enjoy if you go.

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