The Hall of Presidents


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The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square is home to history. All of the United States presidents are highlighted in and are dress in clothing that is true to the era they lived in.


This is one of Uncle Walt’s most cherished attractions. Uncle Walt was big on presenting the history of the United States to the masses. He loved his country and was proud to feature it prominently in the parks.


The Hall of Presidents – A taste of history

The Hall of Presidents - inside
Picture by Joe Penniston

Waiting Area

The Hall of Presidents experience beginning with a pre show in the lobby. Guest can look through historical artifacts from presidents and former first ladies. One of the displays holds many dresses that the First Ladies wore on inauguration day.


The artifacts include presidential paintings and documents. There is even a piece of carpet that contains the Great Seal of the President.

The Show

The show begins with a video that features scenes from the Constitutional Convention. Speeches by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are quoted. Scenes from the secession and the Civil War come next. The explosion of American growth is highlighted ending with a launch of the Saturn V rocket.


Next the curtain lifts and the presidents are introduced in chronological order. President Donald Trump makes a statement and the show ends.


This attraction opened on October 1, 1971 with the rest of the Magic Kingdom. The Hall of Presidents features every president, all 45. Uncle Walt first presented this attraction to the public at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Abraham Lincoln was the only president featured. Mr. Lincoln was Uncle Walt’s first audio-animatronic person. Parts of the original idea have been put into the attraction.


In accordance with the electing of the nation’s 45th president, Disney imagineers decided to redesign the attraction. They added comments made by Donald Trump in the White House. Also reprogrammed Abraham Lincoln who now gives The Gettysburg Address as part of the show. George Washington was also reprogrammed and now stands and delivers a moving speech.

Fun Facts

New displays in the waiting area include painted Easter eggs from a White House egg hunt on loan from the Reagan Library, and George W. Bush’s cowboy boots he wore during his inauguration.


Recently the attraction went through a remodel and added the 45th President Donald Trump, and also an new music score composed and conducted by Emmy winner Joel Neely.

Dad’s Ride Information Table

Hall of Presidents

Description: Animatronics represent each of the Presidents and take guest through history
Height Requirement – None Fastpass: No Length of Ride: 25 minutes
Type of ride: Sit down in theatre with Air Conditioning

Dad’s Ratings

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Other Information:

The Fine Print

  • Reflective captioning system is available as host or hostess for more information.
  • Guest may rent attraction translation devices at Guest Relations with a refundable deposit.
  • Assistive Listening Receivers maybe used and obtained from Guest Relations.
  • Guest may stay in wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, this attraction is straight history. It’s well done. Seeing the presidents in such detail is amazing. They fidget, the breathe, they even look bored. It’s incredible.


Sorry Mom, but yes, the kids will be bored.


Hail to the Chief.

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