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Has the club level at the Polynesian Resort gone down hill?

by Gail C.
(New York)

We are hoping to stay at the Polynesian Resort this May and were thinking about the club level. Our kids are 4 and 7 and we expect to be back at the resort in the middle of the day and out again in the evenings for various dinner reservations at about 5pm.

I thought that we could use the club for the breakfasts and snacks as well as the great view of the fireworks. It seemed worth it until I saw some recent reviews which complained that the breakfasts are out late, the crowd of guests is pushy and the staff is not friendly. It sounds like the only part of the club level that has retained its value are the hot appetizers and I’m not sure we’ll ever be there at that time to enjoy them. What do you think? Thanks.

Dad’s a long time ago Answer


A long time ago, the club level at the Polynesian Resort was the ultimate place in all of Disney World. The service, the food in the lounge the rooms, everything was just about perfect, and it only added a little bit to the price. Yes, the club level at the Polynesian Resort has gone down hill.

What you’re reading is correct. The food service at in the lounge is spotty and not as filling as it used to be. Service has deteriorated also. The only thing that’s the same is the incredible views of the Magic Kingdom in most of the Magic Kingdom view rooms.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page

The other problem with using the club level for food is the price. I just priced a week at the Polynesian comparing the club level with the regular rooms. A club level garden view room is $585.00 per night vs. a standard garden view room at $445.00 per night. The Magic Kingdom view club level room is $785.00 per night vs. the standard Magic Kingdom view room at $590.00 per night.

That’s $140.00 per night or more difference. A family of 4 can get a lot of food, even at Disney World for $140.00. If you want a Magic Kingdom view you can’t beat the club level. Those rooms have a perfect view of the park, but at almost $200.00 per night more????

Gail, when we started going to the Polynesian 20 years ago, the club level was the place to stay. Not so much any more. Like I said before, the club level at the Polynesian Resort has gone downhill. It’s not worth it just for the food. For the view …

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Comments for Has the club level at the Polynesian Resort gone down hill?

Apr 03, 2019

Club Level At Disney

by: Anonymous

We go to Disney 4-6 times per year and have been for 8 years now. We have stayed at many of the resorts and many club levels. Disney resorts collectively have definitely gone way down hill and Disney club level / Disney Concierge level is terrible!! The staff has a lot to be desired and can sometimes be just rude. Recently we checked into the Grand Floridian and when I questioned the woman checking us in as to why we can’t have a king bed instead of two queens, her reply was “you can go stay somewhere else!”. That is just an example of how bad it has gotten.

Club level is not worth the extra money. Not at any resort. The concierge are all lazy. The food is garbage. The wine is cheap 8 dollar bottles. The staff scurries like little mice to take away all of the food so they don’t exceed the allotted time for each serving and god forbid you ask for anything at all!

Our advice is stay at the Four Seasons! They can teach Disney a big lesson in customer service!!

Aug 29, 2011

Polynesian problems

by: Anonymous

Stayed at Polynesian 8/24/11 – 8/26/11 was very dissatisfied. Plumbing falling a part in the bathroom, mechanical knocking all night. food not very good—-too much money just to sleep there.

Feb 01, 2011

Follow up

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your advice. So, if you were choosing the garden view club level vs. the lagoon view (not club) what would you choose? The difference for the stay is $200.

Dad Answers

I’m not saying the club level isn’t a nice perk. If you are comparing semi-equivalent rooms then yes, go with the club level. The view, in my opinion is not a big deal. My favorite longhouse only has garden views. I like it because of it’s proximity to the Transportation and Ticket Center and to the Great Ceremonial House.

The club level may have gone downhill over the last few years, but it’s not terrible.

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