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Have the June Crowds at Walt Disney World changed?


by Michelle
(North Carolina)


“I’m curious why you have June 2017 mostly as moderate this year. Historically, it has been heavy and other crowd calendars are predicting heavy. Do you know something about upcoming events openings that would draw crowds to wait until July, August and skip June?”


A hot June day at Expedition Everest

Ah a nice sunny summer day on Expedition Everest – Photo by Wayne Wood


Michelle, there’s a lot of things that go into the crowd calendars. One thing I will tell you right now is, Disney summer crowd patterns have changed. Anybody that is showing June, July and August as heavy crowds is not paying attention.


Dad’s June Disney World Crowds page


Last year, July 4th was a moderate day in the Magic Kingdom. July 4th, Magic Kingdom, moderate crowd day. That’s just unheard of. It’s always been heavy to extremely heavy on July 4th. The week of July 4th was moderate crowds the whole week. It’s always been one of the busiest weeks of the year.


Dad’s July Disney World Crowds page


Yes. Crowd patterns have changed. How did that happen? It’s the new Disney ticket pricing structure. Disney raised the price on tickets to match crowd levels. Peak pricing, the major crowd pricing, goes through most of June, all of July, and part of August.


Dad’s August Disney World Crowds page


This has moved crowds out of the summer. That’s why the crowds have been crazy busy in February and early March. The first week of March, which has always been slow was VERY busy this year.


Disney is moving crowds. They are making the crowds more level throughout the year.


Last month, I did my crowd calendars for 2018. The girl that was putting them into the layouts said, “Hey. What’s happening with the crowds? Why are they getting to be all the same all year long?” That’s what Disney wants. Disney wants to normalize the crowds all year long and it’s working. Their new ticket pricing structure is working. The crowds are getting larger in the typically slow times, February, March, September, October and smaller during the summer.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes. I do know something about the crowds in the summer. Yes. I believe that the summer crowds patterns have changed. I am very confident of my June crowd calendar.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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