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Have you heard about this special for Disney Resorts?

One time when we booked a trip to stay at a resort over the phone the person assisting us asked if this was our fifth time staying at a Disney resort. It wasn’t, but we were wondering do they or did they at one time have a special offer for those visiting for the fifth time?

The atrium at the Wilderness Lodge

You might have gotten to stay here – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s never heard of that one Answer

I don’t know about that one. You’ve stumped Dad.

Staying at a Disney Resort is a lot of fun and I know that Disney keeps track of just about everything these days. Talk about Big Brother, MagicBands would make William Smith really nervous (look up the book “1984” if you don’t understand). They do have records of your stays, but I don’t know how far back that goes. They might have just been trying to verify their records.

Then again, you might have hit the jackpot if you said yes. Who knows. We don’t hear about all of Disney’s special deals and during the “Year of a Million Dreams” a couple of years ago, they were giving out prizes all of the time. That could have been what was happening.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s a new one on me. It may have been a special prize, or the operator may have just been playing a game. I guess we’ll never know.

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Jan 26, 2015 I know the answer
by: Anonymous

Hey Dad!
Love your blog! I know the answer to your question. I work at DRC and have for almost 10 years. It is asked not as a special reward type thing it is only so Disney can put you into a group. ie intender is someone who has never been to Disneyworld. repeater is some one who has been 2 to 4 time and here is where the 5 comes in. if you have been over 5 times they consider you a worldphile. These are the guests who know a lot about Disney World. A lot of agents including myself will just ask if you have been more than 5 times to get the answer for our quality monitoring. Sorry to bust your bubble thinking it is something magical but it is more for marketing and also so we can assist you better. 🙂

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