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Height requirements for the Disney parks

by Jodi

What is the height requirement for the Disney parks on most of the rides?

Dad’s, if you have to ask, Answer


Let me apologize up front. I might get a little silly with this answer. I’m in that kind of mood. I promise you won’t hear me singing Short People. (That doesn’t mean I won’t be singing it.)

Usually I’ve found if you have to ask, you’re probably too short. Although I’d be surprised if you are actually too short, I assume you are asking for someone else. Enough of the silliness on to the real answer.

For most of the rides that have height requirements they are between 42 and 48 inches. The wilder the ride the higher the requirement. There are a couple the have a 51-52 inch requirement. The most intriguing of those is the Disney Indy Speedway.

There are a whole bunch that have a 40 inch minimum. (I feel kinda sorry for people 39 inches tall.)

Here is a link to a competitors website that will help.

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Height Requirements for the Disney Parks

Hope that helps.

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