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HELP! Where do I begin in booking my WDW trip?!

HELP! Where do I begin in booking my WDW trip?!

by Kay
(Norman, OK)

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“We are planning our first Disney vacation as a family with our soon to be 4 and 6 year old during 9/29-10/6. We are staying off property for $85 a night in a 3 bed 2 bath condo because that works best for our sleeping styles and needs at this point in life, and we are on a small budget because my husband is a teacher and I stay at home and homeschool. We aren’t doing the dining plan either because we figure the kids are young enough to split meals and my husband and I could even split meals at Quick service and be fine-and we can bring in our own snacks. We also plan to drive and park at the parks. We also plan to save money and buy 4 (maybe 5 if we need to) base tickets…

So now that you know our tentative plan of attack, my question is this is my first time to Disney World with all of these new technology additions they have added. Like fast passes before you arrive, and dinner reservations and planning the park route months out and booking Mickey’s Halloween party in advance and this all seem so overwhelming. How am I going to align where we eat and what park we are at and where the party is at (before the party date is even out) all at once to make this go smoothly-and months in advance!? It seems like I need the stars to align to go to Disney these days. I can’t use a travel agent because we aren’t staying on property so I wondered if you had any advice on how to plan our days out this far in advance so that everything aligns to where we can enjoy the most that we can.

I honestly think when Disney did this that it has taken all of the Magic out of the experience, but I may be singing a different tune if I can get this all ironed out by myself and have it go smoothly while we are there. Thanks for your website as well! It’s been a lifesaver! “

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Let Dad help you make your vacation Simple, Fun, and Magic – Photo by Mike Billick

Kaye, yesterday when I was working on your question I had my OU shirt. OU played in the big tournament yesterday and got beat but I had my OU shirt on. I was thinking about Norman. Lets talk about what you’re going through. A Disney experience shouldn’t be, “I’m going to Disney World” with a sad face while you pull your hair out. It should be, “I’m going to Disney World!” with a big ol’ smile and a spring in your step. A lot of people go through what you’re going through, in fact that’s exactly why I wrote my book.

Well Kaye, let me just quote my own book: “Hi I’m Carl Trent but my friends, that includes you, call me Dad. First, right off the bat, I want to make this pledge to you. You’ve got a friend in me. I love Walt Disney World. I know Walt Disney World and I’m here to make your Walt Disney World vacation simple, fun, and magic.”

In the book we talk about the One Big Truth – that you’re going to Walt Disney World! It’s time to celebrate, not to be scared. So that’s why my book talks all about the confusing stuff and makes it easy to understand, gives you a plan of action and even helps you to enjoy the planning process. I wrote my book just for people like you!

Get Dad’s Book on Amazon

I know you’re overwhelmed right now but the first thing you need to do is go to and get yourself a copy of my book. I promise you it’s going to help with your problems. It will help you go through and plan your vacation. Simple. Fun. Magic. Fun. Magic. It’s all there. It’s all there. Step by step. It lays it all out for you.

The second thing I would do is get in touch in with Destinations to Travel. I know you’re staying off site. You probably already have your reservations so this may not work but you do need professional help. Travel agents can book off site hotels. You don’t have to be on site for Destinations to Travel to help you. Go over and get some help.

Get help from Destinations to Travel

Now lets talk about the specific thing you’re struggling with. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party dates. The dates just came out and you can see them here:

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Page

See, don’t you feel better already?

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line Kaye is just relax. You’re going to Disney World. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be magic. Planning can be a little hard but get some help. My book is the place to start. That’s why we wrote the book. You are exactly the person I had in mind when I wrote the book. I really do take you step by step through all of the different steps and help you come up with your plan.


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