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Help, I can’t decide where is best for my family to stay? I’m stuck b/w Disney Pop or a condo rental from all -star. Family of 9, 2 adults and 7 kids. Will be going 8/25 thru 9/1. Want the free dining on resort but too little room at pop (even with two rooms). Like the 3 room condo but than will miss out on the extra Disney hours and free dining. Will be driving, so not worry about the free shuttles. Please help me decide. This will be our first trip to Walt Disney World. Thank you.



Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Might think about what’s behind door number 3 Photo by Zannaland

Dad’s Secret Answer C Answer


Dad will admit, this question is trickier than it seems. A family’s first trip to Walt Disney World, staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, sounds like a Perfect Vacation. But, with such a large family, space is key and a family of nine can’t squish into just 2 rooms! What to do, what to do? How about a solution that lets you stay on Disney property so you can take advantage of all those great perks, gives you the space you need, and comes at a Value Resort price? That’s right, it’s secret option C!


It’s no secret that Dad prefers staying in Disney hotels, but it’s true that it’s simply not for everyone. But Dad thinks that Secret Answer C has what it takes to help make your Walt Disney World Vacation as magical as possible. No, you won’t be staying at Disney’s Pop Century – no matter how much Dad’s family loves it. You see, you can only fit a maximum of four people in a room at the Pop and one of them must be an adult so Disney wouldn’t even let make the reservation.


But, the Pop Century isn’t the only Value Resort on Disney property! It’s time to consider the option of Family Suites! Dad is generally not the biggest fan of Family Suites because of the pull-out sofa beds, but that’s more of a concern for adults in the same traveling party. Kids will be much more comfortable on the smaller beds. These rooms sleep up to six, have 2 bathrooms, and even come complete with a kitchenette!


So, where can you get a Family Suite? I’m glad you asked! You have two options for Family Suites at Disney World Value Hotels – the new Art of Animation Resort and theAll-Star Music Resort. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.


The Art of Animation resort is brand new – parts of it are still under construction! It represents a new breed of ultra-themed hotels and only part of it will be open during your visit. You could get two Family Suites there and have plenty of space for everyone – unfortunately the standard rooms won’t be open when you’re there so you’ll have to pay more for two suites – but it may be worth it – this resort is stunning and perfectly themed for kids!


Dads’s Brand New Art of Animation page


The All-Star Music is one of the original Value Resorts. It’s certainly not as impressive as the Art of Animation, but it will be calmer, quieter, and still lots of fun for kids! You’ll also have the option of booking two family suites or one family suite and one regular suite (which will sleep up to ten and save you some money, but will also likely be in separate buildings).


Dad’s All Star Music Resort page


Even with the upgrade to a suite, the money you save overall will be worth it – Free Dining and free parking alone will save you a few hundred dollars a day! Even though Dad usually steers clear of the Disney Dining Plan, when it’s free it’s a great way to save – very substantially in your case! Plus, the kitchenette will allow you to stock up on snacks and breakfast items in the room if you’re looking to save even more money!


Whichever you choose, Dad definitely recommends staying with Disney! There’s just something so magical about staying on-site, it really gets the whole family in the spirit to celebrate! Those special Disney touches extend all around their hotels, so whether you’re in the pool, grabbing a snack or reading a bedtime story, you won’t miss a moment of magic.


Plus you’ll have access to some great perks. Extra Magic Hours will be extremely useful to your large family. Touring the parks always seems to take longer the more people you’re with, so those extra hours will certainly help you to see it all. And even though you plan to have a car (thumbs up!) Disney transportation may come in handy if one of the kids gets sick, or needs to sleep in – everyone else can carry on while one parent takes the bus with the little one.


Make sure to make your trip extra special by letting Dad’s friends over at Destinations to Travel help you find the Perfect room for your family. Trust me!

  • Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


The Pop just won’t work for your large family, and staying off site will be more trouble than it’s worth. Go with Secret Option C and stay onsite, save a bundle, and make magical memories around the clock!


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