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Hey Disney. Did you see what Universal just announced?

by Dad
(The Office)

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This is not Disney news, but it relates to Disney. This week Universal announced two new hotels they’re gonna build. And the nightly price tag on these hotels is gonna be under $100. Under $100 a night, stay in a Universal resort, and get all of the perks, the front of the line, all the little perks the get at Universal for staying in their hotels.

Hey Disney, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. Hey Disney, it’s about time for you to quit building those palaces that you’re building to the DVC. You’re tearing down current Moderate Resorts and building DVC 15 story palaces. You need to kind of rethink this strategy. Time for you to build some hotels for us ordinary people. Come on.

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I know a couple years ago you had some plans for some cheap hotels, roll those things out, Disney. You’ve lost a bunch of reservations this year because you didn’t have enough hotel rooms because you’ve torn all the hotels down to build DVC rooms. You’ve done it at the Polynesian, you’ve done it at the Wilderness Lodge, you’re doing at Coronado Springs, you’re doing it at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

It’s time for you to build more rooms for non-DVC people. And especially low price rooms. You’ve got plenty of Deluxe Resort rooms. The Value Resorts are the first hotels to fill, all the time. You need some more Value Resorts. And something under 100 bucks wouldn’t be a bad idea, Disney.


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Jan 01, 2018 Goodbye Aggravation! Hello Shades of Green!
by: Anonymous

My family of five has stayed at value resorts and moderates on property. We’ve even dreamed of spending a few days at the Polynesian or Contemporary, but in recent years the price of these resorts has jumped. We’ve given up our dreams of staying at the Polynesian and moved across the street to Shades of Green where the rooms are bigger and the resort is every bit as luxurious as a Disney deluxe resort. Good bye to cramped, overpriced rooms! My family loves Disney, but there doesn’t seem to be an end to their greed. As Disney becomes more and more expensive, we’ve begun to broaden our vacation horizons and found adventure and relaxation elsewhere.

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