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Hilton Disney Springs Transportation


“We’ve been to Disney for the past 12+ years. Shades of Green (SOG) was booked this year so we are staying at the Hilton Downtown Disney 11/23-12/2. It is my understanding MEARS provides transportation but I’m guessing the bus stops at other resorts before any parks. I’m also assuming we’d have to get off at Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) for Magic Kingdom.

Guess my question would be if you have any advice on transportation? Could we drive to TTC and park for free since the Hilton right now is considered a Disney resort? We’ve been a little spoiled with SOG transportation options. TY!

Diana Gamache”

Not Quite the Same


Staying “off-site” is different than staying in the Disney bubble. Things really change when you cross that magical line.


Unfortunately, that includes the Disney Springs hotels. Even though Disney has added some of the “on-site” perks to them, they are still not quite the same as the Disney Resorts.

Shuttles and Parking

The shuttle service at the Hilton Disney Springs is advertised to run every 30 minutes. I’m not exactly sure when that happens. You’ll have to check at the hotel when you arrive to get the schedule.


For all the parks except the Magic Kingdom that means you get let off close to the front gate. At the Magic Kingdom you will have to go to the TTC. That’s not a terrible thing it just take a little longer than a Disney bus which goes all the way to the front gate.


Just for your information, parking is NOT free at the parks. You will have to pay everyday.


There are a few options for transportation to and from the parks. Let’s start with Minnie Vans. Minnie Vans are cool. They are Disney’s version of Uber/Lyft. In fact, they are operated by Lyft. They are a little pricey, but are reliable and know the best way to get to the parks. And, they let you off at the Magic Kingdom and not the Transportation and Ticket Center.


Next, there’s Uber/Lyft. Again, good options. They are probably the most economical option. Uber and Lyft have pretty well replaced taxi’s as a way to get around.


Finally, you can take a Disney bus from the parks to Disney Springs and walk back to your hotel (that’s only an option after 4 p.m. though). Unfortunately, no buses run from the Disney Springs to the parks.

Destinations to Travel


Dad’s Bottom Line

Diana, the bottom line is there are lots of options to get back and forth from the Disney Springs hotels to the parks. You don’t have the free Disney buses but the shuttles will get you there and back and if you need better options, there’s always Uber/Lyft/Minnie Vans.

Hope that helps.


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Comments for

Aug 16, 2019 Free Parking for theme parks
by: Diana If you are an Annual Pass holder you do not get charged for parking in the Disney theme parking lots.

Aug 16, 2019 Disney Springs
by: John Hi
We’ve been going to The Wyndham, DS since 2007 and have no complaints. The buses do run on the half hour but it ain’t an inconvenience and if want we walk to Saratoga Springs for their bus.
The beauty of staying here for us is the 5min walk to DS and however you look at it, it is on Disney Property but not a Disney Resort with added expense.
If you prefer the Disney toiletries and animal towels then enjoy but for me, don’t warrant the extra costs.
My sister stayed at Port Orleans and then booked with us and thought there was not a great deal of difference except for the cost.
And added bonus now of extra hours and 60day FP makes it more appealing
I know everyone has their opinion but mine is that this is good enough for us


Jun 07, 2019 Great Bus Service
by: Anonymous We have stayed multiple times at this resort and it is fantastic bus service. Yes, it does go to a couple of other resorts but HDS is the first stop so you are always able to get a seat. It is prompt and regular in its schedule, we were very impressed.

It has been a couple of years since we have stayed there, but previously the Downtown Disney bus terminal was literally across the street and a quick walk if we needed to get to a resort for dining as well.

It is only because the time of year we go it is often booked so we have actually been staying at WDW resorts, which is great too.

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