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History of EPCOT

by Russell
(Houston, TX)

Hey Dad I have a few questions

Do you know anyone who knows the history EPCOT?
EPCOT was suppose to be a city of the future. How did it got from that to what it became?
Have you been to buffet in Germany? Is it as good as hear?

Dad’s you doubt me Answer

Russell, good to hear from you again. First let me say, I’m a little hurt that you wouldn’t assume that dear ole Dad, the guy that slaves away 20 hours a day bringing you this beautiful site wouldn’t know the history of EPCOT. Of course Dad knows how EPCOT got started. Dad knows Disney.

The History of EPCOT

Uncle Walt laid out a grand plan for EPCOT months before his death. Here’s a video of Uncle Walt’s EPCOT.

Doesn’t look much like the EPCOT we know.

When Uncle Walt died, a bunch of Disney magic died with him. Walt was the inspiration for most of the innovations that Disney was famous for. His vision for EPCOT was to have a town where people could work and play all in one place. A fully integrated Community of Tomorrow. The only problem was that the bean counters got involved and declared that Walt’s concept wouldn’t make money, so they vetoed the concept.

What now?

A few years later, Disney Imagineers had 2 completely different ideas working for EPCOT. They had a World’s fair concept, where nations from around the world would come together and share their culture with guests and a educational theme park. In fact they had 2 working models.

One day, the story goes, the Imagineering teams were arguing over which concept to make into EPCOT and which to scrap. The argument got heated and in the process the two models were pushed together. All of the sudden the arguing stopped and everything fell into place. A theme park was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

True story.

On to your other question …

No I have never eaten at Biergarten. I hear good things about it. It’s a very different restaurant. Not a place for an intimate dinner for 2.

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